Makeup Revolution | High Quality & Affordable Makeup

So recently, I’ve been hearing great things about Makeup Revolution, and so I decided to have a little look on their website and I couldn’t believe how cheap everything was! I was desperate to try a few bits out so I made a small-ish order and this is what I got!
This palette is amazing quality for such a low price, considering there is 32 different shades altogether, you can’t go wrong for only £8! The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is really really good, some are not as pigmented as others, mainly the matte shades, but I find all of the shimmers to be super pigmented, especially the pinks and browns. This palette has loads and loads of neutral day to day shades, as well as a few darker shades to mix it up so you are able to create an everyday look, as well as an evening look. The two bottom rows are very very similar, I feel that the bottom row could easily be taken away and you’d still have a perfectly good palette. But, the more eyeshadows the better right? I’ll create some looks with this in the future.
There is a few different blush palettes to choose from, but I chose this one because of the more peachy toned shades which tends to be more of the kind of shades I usually wear. This is a powder blush palette, which I think is pretty good for what it is, 8 different blushers for only £6! Most of these are shimmery shades, which doesn’t show up that well in the swatches so they’re only likely to show a really subtle glow on the face. I feel that this is more of a blush palette than blush AND contour like it says, I personally wouldn’t use any of these shades to contour with, especially considering they have some shimmer to them, but if that’s your thing then I’m sure they would work okay. The blushes aren’t super super pigmented, but unless you’re into a really obvious and bold flush of colour on the cheek, then this is an amazing palette for your money and I highly recommend.
So, I’m really not a brightly coloured blush kinda gal, but I saw this palette and thought that the colours were so pretty and summery that I had to try it out. I’ve never tried cream blushes before, but I was intrigued as to what they would be like, so I thought, why not?! I have to say that the pigmentation of these cream blushes is amazing and they’re super creamy too. I unfortunately didn’t get on well with them due to having oily skin, but if you like cream blushes and pretty pinks, then this is your go to palette, it’s only £6 for 8 gorgeous colours!
And last but not least, I decided to try out this triple baked highlighter. I have wanted to buy a highlighter for ages, the only one I have is the one in my ABH Contour Palette and I desperately wanted another. I wasn’t sure what to get, but I knew I wanted a powder highlight, so when I saw this, for £4.99 I thought I may as well see what it’s like! I am absolutely in love with it, it’s the most gorgeous champagne shimmery highlight shade and glows in the light beautifully. You get a lot of product and hardly need to use any, so I seriously suggest trying this out if you’re on the hunt for a new highlighter. Don’t be put off by the swatch above, I just swatched it really heavily so it could be seen on camera!
Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products and were as impressed as I am?