So…? Couture | London & Rio

So…? have been one of my staple fragrance brands ever since my teens, if you have never used ‘So Kiss Me’ you’ve been missing out! That was my go to perfume for years. I know that a lot of people associate this perfume brand with the younger/teenage generation, but even now in my 20’s I still use their fragrance ‘So Sinful’ quite frequently, so you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me to ask me if I wanted to review their new perfumes!

The collection is called So…? Couture, and there are 4 fragrances altogether. London, NYC, Paris & Rio. Out of the four, London and Rio sounded up my street.

London has a very floral kind of scent, and has a hint of citrus. Rio is more of a fruity and musky scent with a hint of vanilla.

I love the packaging, they’ve kept their signature bottles, but each perfume has an ombre effect at the bottom with a colour specific to that scent. My favourite bottle out of the two is So London, just because it’s pink and it looks so cute on my desk!

I think that these new scents are more ‘matured’ compared to their older fragrances, which is something I quite like because they’re new and different. Out of the two, my preferred scent is Rio, just because I love musky type perfumes, but I will definitely be geting a lot of use out of them both. My mum and my sister both approve too!

If you want to try out these new fragrances, you can find them here. I highly recommend trying them out, they smell so gorgeous and they’re really affordable too! 🙂