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Let me start off by thanking Gemma for giving me the opportunity to guest post here on Just Little Things. Your blog is very lovely and I enjoy reading every single post. Hello everyone! I’m Rachael and I blog over on Rachael Styles Me. I regularly post reviews, hauls, anything beauty as well as occasionally sharing my lifestyle. 
Today, I wanted to show you some of my favourite and most reached for makeup brushes within my collection.
From Left to right: RT Blush Brush, RT Buffing Brush, RT Cheek Brush
For most of my liquid foundations, I love either love the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge or the Buffing Brush. It provides a flawless finish while having the ability to evenly distribute the foundation. I find that it’s very easy to blend with. The Blush Brush is the one I find the best to set any concealer I have used. It fits perfectly into the space and being slightly rounded makes it easy to focus on one section at a time. I can NOT go out without setting my whole face with a powder. The Cheek Brush makes my day easier as it buffs the powder right into my skin so I feel that it’s not just sitting there.
RT Duo-Fiber Face Brush
The Duo-Fibre Face Brush has to be my number 1. I always use this to apply my blush and it’s amazing! I love how it does not pick up a lot of product at a time which means; you get to build up your blush to however much you want it to be.
Left to right: RT Eyeliner Brush, RT Brow Brush
I only reach for the Eyeliner Brush when I need to fill in my brows. Being so tiny, it makes it so easy control the brush to focus on one section at a time. I highly recommend this brush if you are a beginner. Like the Eyeliner Brush, the Brow Brush is easy to handle when I highlight the brows with my concealer. It’s very precise and I am usually always able to conceal in just 1 go.
Left to right: ELF Blending Brush, RT Deluxe Crease Brush, Professional Essentials Spoolie, Sigma E500 Larger Fluff Brush, Professional Essentials Foundation Brush
I am not a huge eye shadow person which means; I own a million eyeshadows but use hardly any! The ELF Blending Brush is most certainly my last makeup brush purchase. It’s a very cheap alternative of course, but it blends out all the eye shadows so that I have no harsh lines. The Deluxe Crease Brush is good at its job. I use this to blend my transition colour on the crease. For some reason, I find this the cutest brush in my collection. Is that even a thing?! A spoolie is a just spoolie unless you may think otherwise. I thought I would just show you mine. I find the Sigma E50, a breeze to pat on a base shadow. The rounded edge just makes it fit perfectly with my eye shape. And finally the last brush you see. It does not have a name so I am assuming it is a flat Foundation Brush. I have never been a fan of such Foundation Brushes but; it’s a joy to use to blend out my concealer. It’s very thin along the edge making it easy to use right under my lower lash line.

Rachael xoxo