Homeware Wish List

I love browsing home stores and buying new bits and bobs for my room or my flat at uni. I really can’t wait to be able to design my own flat from scratch and pick out all my own furniture and flooring, it’s going to be so exciting! But for now, I settle for just picking up little things here and there to decorate my shelves or my walls in my bedroom. These are some things I’ve seen that are on my wish list for the future as I don’t need anything new just yet. There’s also some gold balloon letters thrown in, just because 😉 I think they’re really cute for some reason and I’ve just always wanted some. I’ll probably save these for a birthday or something!

Cream & Copper Plant Pot
Bronze Buddha Ornament
Copper Buddha Ornament
Concrete Ampersand
Set of 3 Silver Candle Holders
Gold Balloon Letters
Photo Hangit Display
Copper Plant Hanger
Marble Accessories Tray
Peg & Rope Picture Hanger
Lily Flame Pink Blush Scented Candle
& LED Battery Powered Carnival Light
New York City Print
Aztec Print Cushion Cover
Glass Storage Jar
Greywash Willow Baskets