Highlighting & Contouring // Drugstore & High End

When it comes to highlighting & contouring, the two products I use religiously are both high end. However, I have tried out various different contouring products, and found that there are some really great budget products that are just as good. I think all of these work well for light to medium skin tones, I’m very pale skinned and these all work well with me. I always find that darker shades are better for contouring as lighter ones just don’t create the shadows that you need, you just need a product that works with a light hand and can be built up to suit you.
High End;
This is my favourite contouring product, it’s my newest addition and I’ve been using it ever since buying it a few months ago. It’s not too warm and I find I can use it to bronze my face as well it working for contouring. I think this goes on quite lightly with my Mac 168 contour brush which is what I go for everyday but I can also build this up to create quite a strong contour which I like to do sometimes. 
I bought this after hearing all the hype about it through other bloggers, it was my favourite product to use until I got my Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer but I do still love this. It has a very unique highlighter which I’ve never seen anything like, it’s warm toned which works perfectly with my yellow undertones and it gives off a beautiful everyday glow. I need to reach for it more often than I do!
As keen as I am to get my hands on a Becca highlight, this will always be my favourite. It’s quite inexpensive compared to most high end highlighters and it’s just amazing. It lights up your cheekbones with one swipe, or if you’re like me you can pile it on, you can never wear enough highlight imo 😉 It’s just such a gorgeous champagne shade that gives my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow the most beautiful highlight!

I read reviews on this product saying that it was a good contour shade for girls with pale skin without looking orange. It’s buildable but is a really natural contour shade for everyday wear. If you want something that you can wear without looking like you’re wearing a lot of makeup, this is the one!
This kit is completely matte and has a light shade, a warm bronzing shade and a slightly darker cooler contour shade. I love the contour shade but find it can go on quite heavy and powdery so a light hand is a must. It’s a really affordable palette that is perfect for those who want quite a heavy contour that will still give you a natural looking shadow and you can’t really go wrong for £5! (It’s on sale on ASOS)
I’m in love with this palette, if I ever fancy a change to my Mary Lou Luminizer, I opt for this. It has the most beautiful glow to each shade (see swatches below) and has different tones to suit different parts of the face. My absolute favourite has to be the creamy yellow shade as I find it compliments my yellow undertones so so well. I highly recommend this palette to everyone, it’s such good value for money!
(Heavy Swatches) Left to Right; 
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow, NYX Taupe, Barry M Chisel Cheeks.
(Heavy Swatches) Left to Right;
The Balm Mary Lou Luminizer, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow, Barry M Chisel Cheeks.
(Heavy Swatches) Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette.
Hope this post helps anyone who is on the look out for a new contouring or highlighting product whether that be drugstore or high end! What’s your favourite contour/highlight product?