Bucket List Bonanzas – Hitting More Than One At A Time.

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If you’re like most travel-hungry vagabonds, then you likely have a bucket list. That tantalising record of dream locations you want to hit more than anything is probably growing faster than you’re able to actually cross entries off of it. It’s time to stop letting your own bucket list beat you. Here, we’re going to look at great ways to hit more than one location off it at once, to see more of the world for each trip you take, and to really feel that sense of adventure.



Backpacking bliss

If you’re willing to put in the preparation, to be a more independent traveller, and to get in shape, then backpacking can be the perfect opportunity to see more. For instance, a three-week backpacking trip in Europe, as shown by Blonde Chick Travels, could help you see destinations as far-flung as Paris, Barcelona, Venice, and Amsterdam all in one trip. It sounds like a golden opportunity, but you have to make sure you’re fully prepared. Backpacking can be very challenging, both physically and emotionally, since you are likely to be alone for most of it unless you’re trekking with a group. But it’s also one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a vacation and there’s nothing that really feels like it fulfils the feeling of adventuring quite as well.

Set out to sea

Cruises are a fantastic way to get around for a variety of reasons. Sure, they might not be quite as fast as an aeroplane flight. But if you’re willing to look for a deal from places like Bolsover Cruise Club, then a cruise and stay package can be much more cost-effective. Not only do you get the entertaining and the fine cooking that comes as part of the package. You can take a look over the edge of the ship, where sights can vary from bright open seas to miles of diverse coastline. There are a lot of cruises that stop in multiple hot spots, too, giving you a day or two to experience those bucket list cities before reaching the next one.

Time for a drive

If you don’t have your sea legs and want to stick to land, but you’re not as enthusiastic about walking everywhere, then the road trip might just be the perfect option for you. There are lots of road trips around Europe that can take you from country-to-country, or help you better explore the different regions of one destination. Spain is a fantastic country for road trips, from Madrid to Barcelona to Cordoba each offering a wholly unique experience of the same country. What’s more, if you’re willing to camp or you’re travelling via minivan, you can save huge amounts of money on accommodation.

If you want to start beating your bucket list, then you need to get inventive. More than helping you see more of the places you would love to visit, the holidays above give you the opportunity to feel like you’re actually out there, exploring, as opposed to just arriving suddenly with a flight.