Products, Content & Images;

Most products that are featured on Gemma Louise are bought with my own money. I do accept PR samples but only if they are items that I would purchase myself and that fit in with my blog and its content. If a post contains gifted products then I will disclaim that at the end of the post. I give my honest opinions on all products that are sent to me for review, and I will be 100% clear whether they worked for me or not.

All of my content is 100% written by me and if a post is sponsored, I will state that within the blog post, but I would only publish a sponsored post that I had personally written myself and is in my own words. 

All thoughts and opinions within this blog are entirely my own. All of my reviews are always my honest opinion, and I would never write a good review for something that didn’t work for me or I didn’t like. 

All of my photographs are taken by me personally, and if you would like to use any of my images, then please link back this blog. 

I do use affiliate links which I can benefit from, but I only affiliate with websites that I personally use and purchase things from myself.

If you would like to contact me about any PR samples or sponsored posts, email me at: gemmalouiseblog@hotmail.com

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