New Mac Lipsticks | Shy Girl & Vegas Volt

Last week, I added two new lipsticks to my Mac collection, it took me ages to decide which ones to buy, I want them all! In the end I decided to get Shy Girl & Vegas Volt. I chose these two colours because at the moment I’ve been loving nudes and I love wearing corals and this one is nice and bold and I don’t have anything like it!
I read some reviews that Shy Girl was a great nude to wear day to day. I can’t say I’m in love with the colour, it’s a bit too on the orange side for my liking, I prefer my nudes to be more of a pale pink. However, I’m sure that I’ll still wear it from time to time, it’s an easy throw on lipstick that doesn’t really require any lip liner, in my opinion anyway. 
As for Vegas Volt, this is a completely different story, I fell in love with the colour as soon as I saw pictures of it on Pinterest, it’s such a beautiful bright coral, I want to say it’s orange but it kind of has a pinky/red tint to it so it’s not completely orange. It’s really really creamy and applies so easily which is something that is a must for me in a lipstick. I have a Mac Lipglass that’s a similar colour but not as bright and I love that so it’s no surprise that I love this too. I’ve been wearing it every single day since I got it I’m that obsessed! 
I own so many lipsticks and lip glosses and I still don’t feel like I have enough, but Mac lipsticks are definitely a must, what are your favourites?

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