Outfits of the Week


I haven’t done many fashion posts as of yet, so I thought I’d show you all some outfits that I’ve been wearing throughout the week. When I say outfits, I’m mainly focusing on the top half because I wear the same black Topshop jeans ALL the time, I have about four pairs of them and I never have them off, they’re so comfy and black jeans are my favourite. All of these tops are fairly new, three of them were bought/worn this week for the first time so here’s my chance to show them off. Granted, I do lack colour in my outfits, I always have a lot of black on and white/grey tops are my favourites, I just love wearing neutral colours and combining them with a bold eye or lip on the face!


formal evening gown
I have recently gained a love for stripes, and this is a long sleeved crop top I found in River Island that I immediately fell in love with. It was £20 and it’s just a really simple, comfy top that goes perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans. I’ve also just realised that I look like a French girl wearing stripes and red lipstick, but they’re definitely my fav combo!
I actually bought this top yesterday when I was shopping in New Look with my little sister, I saw it and loved the style of it with the cut out shoulders. I wasn’t sure on it at first as I’ve never worn something like this before but as soon as I tried it on I loved it! It’s like a charcoal grey and contrasts lovely with my black jeans. It was about £12-13 I think, so definitely a bargain.
This is another top from New Look which I bought a few weeks ago and they still have it in now as I saw it again in the store yesterday. I can’t remember how much it was though, about £15 maybe? I bought it because I love a big cosy sweatshirt that I can put on when I’m feeling cold or having a lazy day, and this one is perfect because it’s reaallllly lovely and soft. I also love the type on it and how it has that hand drawn appearance. Showing my inner design nerd side here.
How cute is this top?! I got it from Missguided for a wedding party not long ago, and I just love how simple it is but with the pretty lace at the bottom. It’s slightly cropped but the lace kind of covers the cropped area. I think this can be worn both casual with jeans and dressed up with a skirt too, I’ve done both.
And last but not least, is a jumper that I bought from Topshop last Monday, I am absolutely in love with it and it’s my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. I have a thing for white jumpers at the moment and I was looking for one and saw this and it’s just perfect. It’s really simplistic but it has a kind of funky knitted pattern to it which gives it a bit of style and it just looks so cute with skinny jeans or anything for that matter! I know it’s Spring now but it’s still cold and rainy outside so I also think it looks cute paired with a pair of chelsea boots. I mentioned these boots in this post. You can also find the jumper here.
So those are the outfits that I’ve mainly been wearing this week, shopping for clothes is one of my favourite things to do, I can’t resist buying something if I like it.
Let me know if you own anything similar to the above!

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