Room Decor | Cute Bits & Bobs

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to collect some cute little things to try and make my room at university feel more homely. I’m in my second year now, and I’ve lived in three different rooms so far and they’ve never really felt like my own. So I started to buy some little ornaments and things to go on my desk to make it feel more personalised and prettier. My desk is always alwaaaays a mess, as a design student I just seem to have so much paper and pens and sketchbooks that I need all the time so they make it look such a state, but I think it looks a lot more girly now I’ve started to decorate it.

I saw this little set of drawers in Wilkinsons and I fell in love with them, they are so so cute with the little jewelled handles and I’ve been looking for a jewellery box for ages and these are perfect to store it in! They were only £15 too so such a bargain.

After going to a tea room where there was an iridescent tea plate that I thought was so so pretty, I set out to find one for myself, then I just so happened to come across this in a homeware shop. I thought that it was really cute and I could use it to put rings or earrings on.

I bought this candle a while ago, it’s not scented but it’s just so pretty with the rose design and it looks really cute on top of my jewellery box.

My favourite yankee candle of all time, it smells so divine, the only problem I have with this is that when I light it I cannot seem to smell it from a distance at all which is so annoying because the smell is so good. Everyone else seems to be able to smell it a mile off though so it’s not a problem with the candle, just my weird sense of smell!

I recently bought this cute white frame and I wanted something to put in it so I temporarily used a watercolour painting experiment that had gone wrong and splattered black ink all over it. I’m not a massive fan of the painting but it gives my room some colour and I love the frame.

I bought this brush holder quite a long time ago now, I think I got it from Dunelm Mill and it’s actually a candle holder, but it is just the perfect little pot to put all my makeup brushes in!

This is another recent purchase, I was rummaging through all the candles in Primark and came across this little pineapple one. It’s slightly lopsided for some unknown reason but it’s such a cute little thing. Bonus was it only cost me £2!

I love acrylic makeup storage but it’s so expensive for what it is, then one day I came across this lipstick holder on ebay and it was between £3-5, can’t remember exactly but it was such a bargain so I ordered it, and I’ve been using it for my lipsticks every since! (I hate that they aren’t all the same size and don’t match up but hopefully they will one day)

I recently moved rooms in my uni accommodation and I unfortunately got put in a room that has a massive brick wall outside it and no view. So no sunlight gets in and it’s so dark, so I went to look for a lamp to try and lighten up the room a bit and I found this one that was about £15 I think. It’s really simple but really cute, and the inside of the lampshade is covered with a floral pattern that shows through when it’s switched on, it’s really pretty.

Please excuse my dreadfully messy shelves, they are the most unorganised things you’ve ever seen, I’ve tried to sort them out but it just doesn’t happen. I really need to get round to it! Anyway these are my fairy lights that I have put around my shelves as they just sort of make them look a little nicer and I think they make my room look cute.

And last but not least, these cute lanterns! I found them on sale in Primark the other day for £1 and for that price I thought I may as well buy them, I hung them up in the hallway of my room because it’s so dark in that area and they just light it up a bit.

And that is everything, I love buying little things to decorate my room, I can’t wait until I have my own home to decorate! What do you think, do you like buying things to decorate your room?


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