Spring/Summer Nail Varnish Collection

A couple of days ago, I bought this nail varnish duo by Ted Baker, that includes a candy pink and a pink glitter. I thought it was really cute when I saw it so I decided to pick it up, as I always have dark red or black nails and now that it’s Spring I thought I should opt for some brighter nail colours. This lead me to the idea to do a post on my favourite spring/summer nail colours as I have a ton of nail varnishes that I never use! My friend & flat mate Beth also gave me her nail varnish collection so this is kind of a collab with her, and it includes some of her colours too.

Pastel Pink is a really cute springtime colour, and these two are by Essie and Kiko. Essie is quite a bit lighter than the Kiko one but I think both are really cute, and are nice if you don’t like your nails to look too bold.

I like to wear nudes on my nails in Spring as it’s a better option for when it’s not quite warm yet but you want to start wearing a lighter colour. The one on the left is by Ciate and is a very pale nude, and the middle one is by Sally Hansen and is a little bit darker. The one on the right is more of a pinky nude which is by Illamasqua and is a gorgeous colour that’s got pastel blue specks mixed into it which creates a really pretty speckled pink.

If you want to go for something more bold, a hot pink is a really nice girly colour to wear and these two are by Kiko and Royal College Hall.

This colour was my obsession last summer, I never had it off, it’s a gorgeous hot coral colour that reminds me of a tropical island or somewhere really hot. I have one by Kiko and one by Maybelline which I believe is in the colour Hot Salsa.

Orange is not my favourite nail colour choice but I think it’s a very summery colour and for those that love the colour orange, these are perfect! They are by Rimmel and Royal College Hall.

Going back to pastels, these are two really pretty colours, the blue is fairly new to my collection and I had it on before I put the Ted Baker nail duo on, it’s a really pretty springtime colour. The purple is one I wore last year when I had an obsession with purple nails and it looks really cute on. The blue is by Barry M and the purple is by Andrea Fulerton.

And finally, we have whites! White nails remind me of daisies so I think it’s the perfect colour for spring. I believe white nails were the in thing not long ago, don’t know if they still are? But these two are by Max Factor and Seventeen, you can get both from Boots or SuperDrug.

I hope these nail varnishes give you some inspiration for this Spring/Summer, if you’re anything like me and can’t stand not having your nails painted but get bored of the same colour after about a week, then here’s plenty of options!


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