Chocolate Indulgence

Today me and the girls wanted to have a day out at the beach but unfortunately the weather was forecast to be rain all day so we decided to go to a tea room instead! I stupidly went out without a coat on and got there looking like a drowned rat only to find that they had no tables left! So we all came back to our flat and got dried and ready again and then got a taxi to Starters, a restaurant that I haven’t been to before, but I’ve wanted to try out for a while.

The restaurant itself is really nice, it has the same orientation as Wetherspoons I think, quite dark and I love the dark wood decor.

We all ordered food and I ordered two starters instead of a main, I had crispy potato skins with alioli dip and a salad with a caesar dressing. I thought that the portions would be tiny as they’re starters but they were huge and I was defeated and couldn’t finish it all as I wanted to leave room for dessert!

We then ordered some pots of tea and looked through the desserts, the most difficult decision ever, there was so many of my favourites, red velvet cake, cheesecake, chocolate tart and macaroons. In the end I decided to go for the Chocolate Indulgence Assiette. Best decision ever.

 I just want to eat it all over again! This definitely made up for a miserable rainy Saturday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!