Cute Studs | Body Jewellery Shop

I love piercings, ear piercings in particular, I currently have 7 and I really want to get some more, especially my tragus. I can’t stand it when I’m not wearing earrings, I just feel so bare without them. The Body Jewellery Shop sells some of the cutest ear piercing jewellery, I love their collections, and they have kindly chosen to send me some! I chose all of these myself, I’m a complete stud addict, I never wear dangly earrings and I occasionally wear a small ring in my nose, but for the majority of the time, I wear all studs! So if you love earrings as much as me, then keep reading to see what I got!

The first pair that I chose were these Pink Glitter Studs, they are super cute and compliment my smaller silver studs in my second lobe piercing really well. I have been wearing these for the past 3 days I love them that much!

The second earring I chose was this Jewel Steel Labret Stud in purple, I only have one helix piercing in my right ear so I like to wear something cute and colourful in it usually, and I thought this looked really pretty.

And lastly, I saw this Steel Helix Feather Bar and fell in love with it, it’s so cute and dainty! It’s hard to see it properly in this picture but it looks so pretty in the ear, and it can be worn in the tragus too.

I think these are so pretty and I already have my eye on a few more on the Body Jewellery Shop website!


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