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There’s literally nothing more time consuming than when I’m browsing through pinterest for hours and hours looking at all the homes and interiors that I wish I had! I honestly can’t wait to have my own home to be able to do whatever I want with. I thought it was just a designer thing but most people I know are the same which leads me to believe that everyone has that inner interior design thing going on. I just think it will be so nice when I finally have a home, even if it’s a tiny one, where I can design an entire room however I like! I hope it won’t be too long, I graduate next year but I can see myself living at home for a while paying off all of my student debt before I will be able to even start thinking about buying a flat. So, for now, I’m redecorating my bedroom, which I share with my 11 year old little sister, Holly. Unfortunately she is so messy and is obsessed with Olly Murs and has posters of him everywhere, so I have to make do with trying to make my half of the room look half decent. We actually have the biggest bedroom in our house though and my twin brothers share a room too so we’re quite lucky really.

I recently bought myself a white desk and have bought all kinds of bits and bobs including makeup storage, a desk lamp, and other little decor pieces over the past few months. Today I’m having some shelving put up on my wall above my desk and I’m painting my wooden chair white. I’ve also made a little H&M home order to get a few more bits and bobs for my shelves because the stuff is so affordable and it’s so pretty too, so I couldn’t not. I’ve also ordered some copper spray paint and I’m planning on painting some stuff to give my room a touch of copper, to match my cute copper basket which is also from H&M home.

The above pictures are all of my inspiration picks, found through a couple of girls blogs (don’t you just love gh0stparties interior design skills, her home is gorgeous) as well as pinterest of course. I already have some wall art but it’s all my own designs/illustrations, so I’m thinking of putting up some stuff that isn’t mine as well, to add something different. I also absolutely love the magazine storage idea on the wall, I never know where to keep all my Vogue & Elle magazines, they end up in a huge pile looking like they’re in the way! I definitely need to get myself one of those, whatever it is.

I’ll probably have it all finished by the end of the week so I’ll post some pictures and include before & afters. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before I came home for summer, the walls were blue from when my brothers had this room & there was no desk or anything. It would have made for a pretty drastic before picture. But oh well, I’ll post one anyways. Hope you liked these pins!


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