London Trip | 21st Birthday Weekend

So, most of you will know by now that I celebrated my birthday this week (I’ve mentioned it quite a lot) and it was my 21st which is classed as a ‘special’ birthday. I don’t particularly like birthdays anymore, once I hit 18, every birthday after that just felt like another year of getting older. However, I decided to celebrate this year by going to London as it’s literally my favourite place, and I had probably the best birthday I’ve ever had (Thanks to my mum who organised it all!) I went with my sister Megan and my mum. We only went for a couple of days and one night, but I got to do everything I wanted to do, we shoved so much stuff into the two days, I’ve never done so much walking, my legs are killing me! I took hundreds of photos and it was really hard to narrow them down so this post is probably still going to be quite long, but they’re all in order so you can see what we did first and last.

Camden Market & Oxford Street
When we got there on Sunday afternoon, we headed straight for Camden market as it’s somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for a while and haven’t got around to. It was super busy but there was some really cute little shops and so many different places to get food! I was in heaven at the donut stall, and then because my sister is obsessed with pizza, she went and got this absolutely huge slice of it! I also saw this little shop that had hanging lights and teapots and I thought it was so cute.
We then headed to the hotel to check in, we stayed in Covent Garden, and me and my sister popped down to Oxford Street, so I could spend some of the money I got for my birthday, we went to Selfridges where she got her makeup done at the Nars counter and I got a few bits from Mac. I also got a couple of things from other shops including H&M and Accessorize, I’ll include them in my next post!

We went out to eat at Maxwells in Covent Garden, I haven’t got a picture but I had a BBQ chicken salad, it had avacado and strips of tortilla in, it was literally one of the nicest salads I’ve had! I also had a raspberrylicious cocktail (or two) and they were really yum. And then for dessert, I had a chocolate & pecan brownie and my mum had them stick a candle in it as a pre-birthday thing.


On Monday morning (my birthday!) we got up really early so we could get to the Victoria & Albert Museum for the opening time. This is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while, I mainly wanted to see the fashion part of it, but there were loads of other interesting areas in there that I enjoyed looking round too. The building itself is so beautiful, inside the interior is so detailed, I loved all of the marble and gold particularly!


We then went on a really really long walk around Westminster, we started at Big Ben and walked all the way round past Tower Bridge, which is the bridge I’ve wanted to go and see for ages, every time I’ve been to London it’s been missed out because it’s so far away from where Big Ben and the London Eye and everything is. But finally, I got to see it in person! I actually really enjoyed the walk round, despite feeling like my legs were about to give way. It was quite cloudy whilst we were there but in the afternoon the sun came out and it was boiling hot, I could feel my back burning, but it was nice to finally get some heat!

Browns Butlers Wharf

My mum booked us in for a surprise afternoon tea at Browns Butlers Wharf as it was my birthday, near tower bridge next to the river, which I only found out about a couple of days before the trip. It was really nice, I got my own special chalkboard plate with “Happy 21st Birthday Gem!!” written on it, and a candle in one of the desserts. Everything was minature so there was loads of different little things to eat and we were all so full afterwards! The waiters were really polite too, even though it was a little awkward when one of them started singing happy birthday to me… but cute all the same! 😉


And last but not least, we had a couple of hours to kill before the train home at 7 so we headed for Harrods, even though everything is so expensive in there, its worth going just to look around and see how pretty it is in there. My favourite part is the chocolate department where all of the food is, it’s so cute in there! I also had my first macaroon on the way there from a patisserie, it tasted nothing like I thought it would but it was so so nice, definitely going to be having more of them!

Well done if you reached the end of this post, I took far too many photos but I have no regrets 😉 Does anyone love London as much as I do?