Mini Haul | Topshop, New Look & Boots

I went into town for a couple of things that I needed (and wanted) and I decided to do a little haul of the things that I bought, as I don’t do these often and I thought you guys might like it, so keep reading to find out more 🙂

I’ve been wanting to try some new skincare products for a while, my go to face wash and exfoliating scrub are usually the ones by Clean & Clear, which I’ve been using for years, but I decided to try out something new after breaking out quite a lot and not being able to clear it up. I initially wanted to try out Clinique’s range but as it’s quite expensive, my sister recommended Neutrogena’s range to me and so I decided to give it a go. I got these from Boots and as they do 3 for 2 on all skincare products, I decided to get a daily scrub, a face wash and a cleansing lotion. The scrub and the face wash are meant to tighten your pores and reduce shine which hopefully will work with me as I suffer with really oily skin and I hate it, and the cleansing lotion is supposed to be good for eliminating blackheads. I’ll be using these for the rest of the week to see if they’re any good, so if you’d like to know, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! The pore & shine daily scrub was £4.69, the pore & shine daily wash was £4.49 and the blackhead eliminating cleansing lotion was £3.25. As I got them for 3 for 2, they all cost £9.18 together, so it worked out pretty affordable!

I have been loving silver statement necklaces and rings lately so I picked up these matching ones from New Look which I absolutely love! The silver combined with the little pearly type stones looks so cute and they’re the kind of thing that will go with any outfit. The ring set was £5.99 and the necklace was £9.99. Can’t wait to wear these!

I probably don’t need any more false eyelashes but I really wanted some more natural looking ones that give volume rather than length and these looked perfect so I picked them up whilst in Boots for around £5. I love Eylure’s lashes as they always last me so long!

Another thing I got whilst in there was another nail polish as I wanted another neutral colour and I love Barry M’s range so I picked up this matte one in the shade vanilla. I didn’t actually realise it was matte when I got it, I thought it was from the glossy range, but I still absolutely love the colour, it’s kinda like a really light lilac. I’ll include this in an outfit post soon if you’d like to see the colour on me. I also picked up another cherry Carmex as mine ran out and this stuff is literally a life saver for my dry lips, especially after wearing drying lipsticks!

The last thing I got from Topshop was this really cute striped crop top. I am going through an obsession with stripes at the moment, I’ve just ordered a striped cardigan from H&M and I already own about three other striped tops! I had to have this though, it was only £12 and it’s really stretchy and comfy to wear and will look cute with anything. It ended up costing £10.80 with student discount, which is literally a bargain from Topshop, I normally spend about £40 on one top from them! I’ll probably include this in an outfit post soon if you want to see it on!

And that’s everything that I got, I’ll have another haul up next week with everything I get whilst in London, so keep a look out for that!


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