My Top Three Drugstore Eyeliners

Today I’m going to share with you my top three drugstore eyeliners, I don’t own any high end eyeliners as I think that you can get equally good quality and the same lasting power from drugstore ones for more affordable prices. I haven’t actually tried any high end eyeliners out and I would like to, but I get everything I want from these three drugstore ones so I don’t feel the need to spend the money on them at the moment. Each one of these products is different, I have a felt tip pen kinda eyeliner, a gel eyeliner, and a liquid eyeliner, so whatever your preferred type is, these are, in my opinion, the best drugstore versions you can get!

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner | £7.99

This is the newest eyeliner to my collection, I’d never been keen on gel eyeliners after trying one once years ago, but then I decided to give them another try and got this after hearing good things about it from my sister. I’ve since become a lot better at applying eyeliner so now I get on with this really well and it’s quickly becoming my favourite and go-to liner! It glides on the lid easily and stays put all day, I would say the pigmentation could probably be a tiny bit better, but I like it how it is as really really jet black liner hides my really short lashes when not wearing falsies! I think I only notice the difference because my liquid liner is so black, if I hadn’t used that before this, I doubt I would have noticed. I use my Zoeva 315 Liner Brush to apply this with. Overall I think it’s well worth the price tag, and I can tell it’s going to last me absolutely ages because you hardly need any on your brush!

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen | £6.00

So I picked this up a while back after reading a good review about it, and after having negative experiences with quite a few other eyeliner pens, I have to say this is hands down the best one I have ever used. You have to build it up to get it be quite black on the lid, but it’s so easy to use and a real winner when you just want to quickly apply some liner on a rushed morning. I also think it’s pretty easy to create a wing with which I’ve found difficult with other eyeliner pens. It stays in place all day and doesn’t smudge at all, and it’s pretty fast drying too. I love Soap & Glory’s products, I don’t think I’ve ever used one that’s let me down, and this is definitely another winner with me.

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner | £4.79

And finally, we have the Barry M Liquid Eyeliner, I’ve been using this for years, it’s absolutely amazing, it’s super pigmented and applies jet black and it stays on all day and all night without crumbling or smudging or whatever. I don’t use the brush that comes with it, I use a brush from a cheaper eyeliner as I find that easier to apply it with, but this has never bothered me because this is seriously the best eyeliner formula you can get for your money! One of these usually lasts me months and months too, so a little goes a long way, and for less than five pounds you honestly will not regret it. I do love using other eyeliners now and again, but honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying this one, it’s my favourite by far.

And those are my top three drugstore eyeliners, hope you enjoyed this little post, what’s your favourite eyeliner?


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