What’s in My Bag? | Weekend Trip Edition

Today I am going to London for my 21st birthday (which is tomorrow) as it’s my favourite place in the whole world and so it’s the perfect way to spend a special birthday! I’ll be travelling there early this morning (in about half an hour) and staying there overnight, then coming back late tomorrow night, so I’ll be there for about two days. Obviously for a one night stay you don’t really need to take that much stuff, but as a girl there’s always so much stuff you need, so I’ll be taking a really small suitcase with a couple of outfits, hair straighteners, toiletries and that kinda thing. And then of course there’s my handbag!

I’ve been to London before for the weekend but it was only doing things like Shopping where it didn’t matter, but this time I’m doing more touristing and I really don’t feel like walking around London for two days straight having a heavy bag on my arm, so I decided to invest in a backpack. These totally aren’t my thing, but they are so convenient and are perfect for when you’re travelling or doing a lot of walking, so I convinced myself to get one. I didn’t want to spend too much on a backpack, not knowing how much use I’ll get out of it once this trip is over, so I did my research and found this one on Missguided for £22 which is perfect (and black!)

Another thing I’ll obviously be taking is my camera, I recently got this really cute camera bag but as I’ll be taking a lot of pictures, I’ll have my camera around my neck the whole time I’m there so it’s not needed. I can just pop it in my backpack if I want to put it away for a bit. I’ll also be putting this lens cloth in my bag as if any dirt gets on the lens of your camera it can ruin all of your pictures, so this is a must. Another necessity is a spare camera battery! There is nothing worse than going away for the weekend and suddenly not being able to use your camera because the battery has died.

I’ll also be popping my sunglasses in there as it’s the middle of June so it’s bound to be sunny down South! I absolutely love this pair, I got them from primark for only £2! And of course I’ll be taking my phone, who goes anywhere without their phone anyway? I usually have the iPhone 5s but it’s being repaired at the moment, so until I have it back I have the 5. I’ll be taking my earphones too as they come in handy for boredom on the train on the way there and on the way back.

My purse is another obvious one, how would I cope at Camden Market and Oxford Street without it? I got this purse quite recently from Topshop. I usually use my card to buy everything on but it’s always good having cash on you too just incase. I’ll also have my oyster card in there for the tube.

I always carry a small makeup bag around with me in my handbag with my essentials in to freshen up, like my Rimmel Stay Matte powder & my powder brush because I would look like a melting mess if I didn’t! I also pop in some concealer incase I get any red areas or have any spots and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day, which at the moment has been Mac’s Ruby Woo with the Kiss Me Quick lipliner.

I like to have makeup wipes in my bag incase I get really oily/cakey and just want to remove it all. They also come in really handy for if I want to take my lipstick off, especially when I wear long lasting ones as they can get quite drying throughout the day. I usually have some Boots sensitive ones but I ran out and need to get some more, so at the moment, I just have these that my mum picked up for me. I always have hand cream in my bag too, as I suffer with eczema and my hands can get quite dry and it feels horrible so this is a necessity! This is a vanilla one from Sephora that I got when I was abroad. I’m also a real hygiene freak, especially with my hands, so I like to have a hand sanitizer on me, this is a really cute one from the body works.

I suffer with hay fever during summer so I’m popping my tablets and my nasal spray in my bag too, as the last thing I want is a sneezing fit and burning/itchy eyes! Another good thing to always have in your bag is paracetamol for any unwarned headaches or anything else.

And those are my bag contents for my little trip! I don’t want to be carrying too much stuff around and I’ll need room for any shopping I do so I think these are all the necessities that I’ll need. What are your travel essentials?