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When it comes to blog headers, there are different ways of going about it, you can have one that fits in with your blog, for example, one with little icons of shoes or clothes if you’re a fashion blogger, you can create it to fit around your personality or you can just have it plain and simple! I personally have created mine to fit around myself, I’m an graphic design student and an illustrator so I’m quite a creative person, and I think that the paint brush strokes and splatters indicate that, as well as the handwritten text. I’m also a lover of simplicity in the way that I dress and the colours that I like, so I haven’t added anything else to my header and kept it nice and simple.

We all know how important a nice blog design is, that along with your photography is pretty important, because a blog is mostly about the visuals. Everything else is important too of course, but these are the first things that get noticed when someone visits your blog. A blog header is the first thing that your visitors see when entering your blog, so it’s nice to have something that stands out and is going to intrigue new visitors and make them stay to find out more.

You could fit your header design around the name of your blog, like take mine for example, ‘just little things’ I could surround it with tiny love hearts or cupcakes to fit in with the cuteness of the name as well as the illustrations obviously being ‘little.’

If I wanted to fit it around my personality, I could make it completely black because I’m obsessed with black clothes and bags and shoes, and pretty much everything. I could also put some illustrations of makeup or makeup brushes around it because of my love for makeup. There’s endless things you could do really!

You would do pretty much the same as above if you wanted it to represent the theme that surrounds your blog, so say you’re a mummy blogger and blog all things baby, you could add something like teeny tiny watercolour handprints or footprints, that would look so cute and represent your blog well!

A lot of people also just like to keep their headers real simple and just pick a font they like and simply write the name of their blog. This looks nice too, it shows that the blogger likes simplicity and their entire blog design probably follows the same path. Try websites such as dafont, fontsquirrel, 1001fonts, fontfabric and many others, where you can download really cute fonts for free!

If you’re not really into design and would rather someone did it for you, I’m also offering a service to design you a custom header. I’m a Designer & Illustrator so I can design you an illustrated one, a photographic one, a simple text one, or anything you’d like. I have a wide variety of fonts, most of them I’ve purchased myself, so you can have whatever you want! If you already have an idea of what you want, let me know, if you don’t, then just tell me about you or your blog, depending on what you want your header to communicate, and I’ll come up with something myself! I charge £5 for one design, which can be altered if you want something moving or added to it. You can purchase it from my Etsy shop here.

I designed some quick examples of some simple blog headers for inspiration here:


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