Malteser Munch Recipe

Yay for Baking Sundays. So I took this recipe, that I was originally going to make, but then decided to go in a slightly different direction and create something that I used to buy from a bakery across the road when I was younger. I was literally obsessed with this stuff, and I think I have pretty much cracked it and made it exactly how it tasted back then, which is very unusual for me, I’m awful in the kitchen. But anyways, this requires no actual baking as such, literally just melting a load of stuff together, mixing in some other stuff, popping it in a tin and leaving it in the fridge overnight to set. It’s really as simple as that. So here is this beautiful recipe, that tastes amazing, get making!

What you will need:

250g of butter
300g of dark chocolate
300g of milk chocolate
6 tablespoons of golden syrup
200g of maltesers
200g of digestives

1 large pan & a mixing bowl
1 rectangular tin (I used a silicone one that pops it out super easy afterwards)

How to make:

Firstly measure out all of the chocolate, butter and syrup and throw it all into your mixing bowl. Fill a pan with boiling water and place the bowl over the top of the pan on the hob on a low heat. Stir the mixture round until it’s eventually turned into a liquid.

Take the mixture off the hob and bash up the maltesers and the digestives, then pour them into the melted chocolate mixture and stir them in until covered.

Then pour the completed mixture into your rectangular tin and place in the fridge until it’s all set, this usually takes until the next day, so overnight.

Then take it out the fridge, take the chocolate slab out of the tin, cut it up and enjoy!

It’s honestly so straightforward and easy, and it tastes so good. Just don’t eat too much at once because it is really rich and you will feel sick. Let me know if you try it out 🙂