Office Makeover | DIY

I’ve been wanting the perfect office space for a long time and since I came home from Uni for summer, I’ve been working on it! As I was moving into a bigger room in my house that I now share with my younger sister, Holly, who’s 11, I had more space to be able to order myself a white desk that I’ve been wanting for as long as I can remember. We each have a kind of ‘side’ of the room that we decorate however we want, but I insisted that I get this small space in the middle of the room where the wall comes out slightly because of the chimney below. I got a desk that fit perfectly along the length of this outer wall, I made sure! I was really happy with the desk but the space itself was still quite bare and hadn’t been designed enough that it felt like ‘my space.’

My ‘office’ as I call it, is basically the same space in my room as the place where I sit and do my makeup and get ready in the morning. I still live at home so I don’t have the luxury of having a separate room to work in, but to be honest, I don’t really need it. I can quite happily sit anywhere and get on with my design work, or I can sit at my desk and get on with it straight after I’ve done all my makeup and whatever. I’m just glad to finally have a little space where I can do everything.

I had this little brown wooden chair at my desk but it didn’t match with it so I started by painting this white. I literally thought it would take a coat of white paint and that would be it, but of course, it was way more complicated than that. First I had to sand it, then paint it with two coats of primer, and then it took two good solid coats of white paint before it was finally covered! I’m really happy with how it looks now though, it looks better painted white next to a white desk & wall.

I went to B&Q to look at shelving & brackets, but to buy enough for a set for me and my sister, it was going to come to over £100 which was kinda ridiculous when they’re just made out of wood. So as my dad works with wood, he cut up some spare wood he wasn’t using and made 12 brackets and 6 shelves, enough so that we could have 3 shelves each, so it ended up costing next to nothing! All that was left for me to do was to paint everything white. So that took quite a bit of doing, but I got there eventually. I decided to paint my brackets copper as I have a bit of an obsession with copper at the moment, so I ordered a can of bright copper spray paint and this is what I used to paint them with.

This is the wall before the decorating and after with the shelves up, I think they look so cute!

hintergrund märchen//hintergrund kinder//hintergrund disney


Non Surgical Hair Replacement System

And this is what my little space looks like now, I’m super happy with how it turned out! I decorated my shelves with home decor bits from all over, as well as with my magazines, notebooks, pens and jewellery box. I also got some Muji storage draws for all of my makeup, and this really cute little jewellery stand for other bits of jewellery, it mostly has all of my rings in (I have millions). I framed one of my illustrations (the donuts print) and put that on the wall, as it’s my most recent illustration and I really love it. I also printed out a quote that I really liked in a cute font and printed out a picture of a pineapple to put up there with it. The donut illustration is quite detailed so I just wanted some other simple prints to go next to it. I’ll list some of the items below.

Cactus (I spray painted it copper)
Marble Holder
Marble Tray
Pineapple Candle
Jewellery Drawers
Green Bottle/Vase
‘G’ Letter (also painted copper)
Jewellery Stand
Copper Spray Paint

Hope you liked this post! 🙂