Sigma Beauty Haul

So Sigma very kindly sent me all these goodies to review for you guys, and I was super excited when the package arrived because look how cutely they wrapped it all up! The parcel included four of their brushes which is what I’ve been mostly dying to try out because I’ve been after some Sigma brushes for ages after reading such good reviews on them. I have to say that all of these products are absolutely amazing, I’ve never tried out Sigma’s products before, but these have exceeded my expectations.

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

I was really intrigued by this because I’ve seen people start using special gloves and things to clean their brushes with, but I usually just use my hand to wash them with. This is a far better idea, it stops makeup and soap going all over your hand for starters which tends to dry my skin out if I do it a lot, so that makes this perfect for me! Not just that but it has 7 patented textures for both eye and face brushes and you get a little card with it telling you which is best for what. It’s amazing for getting all the clumps of foundation out of my brushes because it gets right in between the bristles. It gets a thumbs up from me!

Sigma Blush in The Shade ‘Cheeky’

I’m not really a blush person as I’ve said many times but I think it’s appropriate to wear a bit of colour during the summer months so I don’t look so pale, and this shade that I got is quite perfect really. It’s not too bright and it’s not too in your face, it’s just a nice muted browny red shade that gives your cheeks a natural flush of colour. This is really pigmented and so easy to blend, it’s lovely.

Sigma Eyeshadow in The Shade ‘Fawn’

I was so eager to try this one out because I do have an unhealthy obsession with eyeshadows and I’ve seen that Sigma have some beautiful eyeshadow palettes so I had no doubt that this shade would look gorgeous too. This is what I feel like, a really cool toned silvery gold shade, if that makes sense! It’s super super pigmented and looks absolutely stunning on the eye. I wore it the other day and my sister complimented me on my eyeshadow and how nice it looks without knowing I had something new on, so what does that tell you?!

Sigma Lip Base in The Shade ‘Mirth’

Now if you know me well, you know that I love wearing a red lip, so when I saw this, it was just meant to be. This lip base from Sigma is a super creamy lip pencil that can be used to line and shape the lips, and then used to fill in the lip. This can either act as a matte long-wearing lipstick or give your lipstick a solid base that will help it to stay on for much longer. I love this colour alone personally, but I also think it’s the perfect lip pencil to pair with my Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, I’ll be doing both! It’s not drying whatsoever and it applies so so easily because it’s so soft and creamy, I love it.

Sigma Lip Vex in The Shade ‘Get Ready’

How pretty is this lip gloss?! It’s a peachy toned lipgloss with gold sparkle in it, I used to be obsessed with lip glosses and I don’t really reach for them that much anymore, but I’ve been wearing this one a lot recently because it’s such a pretty colour to apply over a nude lipstick to glam it up a little.

Sigma 3D HD Kabuki Brush

This is a brush that is new to me, the shape is very unique and I haven’t used anything like it before. The Kabuki brush is designed for use with liquid, cream and powder products that reaches every angle in the face with ease and is fit for every curve and crease. I’ve used this with my loreal infallible matte foundation and it is so perfect for getting your foundation around the nose and under the eyes with ease. It’s definitely a keeper and I’ll be using this a lot with certain foundations of mine. Can I also just add that Sigma’s brushes are so freaking soft, I’m in love!

Sigma E39 Buff & Blend Brush

I’ve actually been after a new blending brush for a while as I find two just isn’t enough?! Anyway this makes my collection into a three piece party now and I can’t fault it. It’s not a huge fluffy brush, but it’s small enough for use to set under eye concealer and blending out highlighter under the brow bone. I also think this would be a great brush for blending out concealer but I haven’t tried it for that yet.

Sigma 3D HD Precision Brush

This is the one brush that I haven’t actually tried yet, but it looks like the tiny version of the 3D Kabuki brush above. I can imagine that this brush is perfect for applying concealer under the eyes as it will easily be able to reach right under and also for use around the nose. Hell, I might even use this when doing a cut-crease eyeshadow look, it’s got the perfect shape for that too.

Sigma E54 Medium Sweeper

This is a top selling brush by Sigma, it’s ideal for placing eyeshadow products over the lid with ease. I’ve been using it to apply my Mac loose pigments and it applies them perfectly, it’s nice to have another brush to use so that I don’t use the same brush for my shadows and pigments together. I’ll just mention again how lovely and soft they are ahh!

And that’s all my Sigma Beauty bits, I’m hugely impressed with their range, their brushes in particular as that’s what get the big hype, and they definitely live up to it.