Cornwall/Devon Holiday // Photography

I know that my blog is heavily based on beauty posts but I do try to incorporate a little bit of my life into here now and again, but it gets a bit difficult when nothing that exciting has really happened. However, last week I went on a little break for a week with my family to Cornwall, where I took a lot of pictures that I thought I’d share with you all! It took a good 9 hours to get there, but it’s really nice to explore the South of England, especially when you live all the way up North like I do. We stayed just on the border of Cornwall so a lot of the time we spent there was a mix of Cornwall and Devon. The three main things we did whilst there was spend our first day at Tintagel Castle, then we spent the next day at Cothele House, and then in the middle of the week we travelled to Lands End for the day. I took a load of pictures at all three of these locations because the views were incredible and so beautiful! We were also blessed with really hot weather whilst we were down there so the blue sky and the sun really made for some gorgeous pictures. This is quite a photo heavy post so if you like browsing landscape/seascape/nature type photography then I hope you enjoy! I’m no photographer by the way, I just really enjoy snapping pretty pictures, landscapes and macro in particular 🙂