Fashion Haul with M&M

So a couple of weeks ago, M&M Direct asked me if I would like to choose some of their products to review and I don’t do fashion hauls very often so I thought this would be a good opportunity. My family have bought quite a few things from here in the past so I already knew that they would be really nice products. M&M direct are a clothing website that offer high quality and designer brands at affordable prices, they have a huge range to choose from and you can pick up some really cute bits for really good prices. I chose all of these items myself and I love every single one!

Basic Grey Hoody

I thought I’d pick this up because I’ve been after a new hoody for ages, my sister recently bought a white one and it’s really lovely and soft so I wanted a new one too. When this came, I realised that it is an exact copy of hers just in grey, and it’s just as soft, I loveeeee it, soft jumpers are the absolute best. It’s so perfect to shove on if I’m in the mood for something comfy and warm, can’t beat a good hoody.

Firetrap Military Jacket

I decided to get this because I remember regretting not getting one in winter when these kinda jackets were in fashion and everyone was wearing them. I kept seeing them everywhere and never caved and bought one, so I thought this was a good chance to get my hands on one. I can’t wait to wear this when the weather gets colder, it’s not too bulky or heavy but it’s super cute and nothing too fancy so it’s perfect for me!

Cream Knit Cardigan

This has to be the favourite thing out of them all, I’ve been wearing it so much lately. It’s the perfect thin knit cardigan to throw on in warm weather with a bit of a breeze which has been the weather everyday recently, so of course it’s come in really handy and I’ve been wearing it loads. It’s super comfy and it’s really cute and looks good with everything in my wardrobe, I loooove it.

Long Sleeved Pure Glam Top

I liked this because it’s quite simple but has a nice touch of silver and I like wearing long sleeved tops but don’t have that many of them. I really like it, it’s quite a big fit but I don’t mind that and it’s really soft. I love wearing this on lazy days as I look like I’ve made more of an effort than being in my pyjamas but I’m still wearing comfy clothing.

Firetrap Print Top

I wasn’t sure on this one but I decided to get it anyway for something a bit different and a tad less simple than the rest. I like wearing this with my black jeans on warmer days. My favourite thing about this top is the back, it’s like a cross strap style that looks really nice but I forgot to take a picture damn! There might be one on the website if you want to see 🙂

Firetrap Heeled Boots

Can I just say, how gorgeous are these?! I am in love. I am a huge lover of a pair of simple black boots, and I find it even better when they have a big heel on. It’s nice to be tall for once. I just adore these, black boots look good with practically everything, particularly if your wardrobe is quite simple and plain like mine is. I can’t wait to get more wear out of these in winter! They’re only £22.99 too, bargain.

And that’s everything that I got, I’m really impressed with the quality of the clothes for the price range. If you want designer clothes without the hefty price tag, have a browse through!

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