My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

I’ve grown to love a nude lip over the summer, I used to be all about a burgundy or coral lip but these days I’m always wearing nude shades. These four are my absolute favourites and they are the ones I always reach for. Combined with a good lip liner, the shades stay on all day and don’t budge. I am quite partial to a matte lip as I find them longer lasting, but only one of these lipsticks is matte surprisingly! They are all quite similar but with a slightly different undertone.

Charlotte Tilbury // Bitch Perfect

This is a pink toned nude, with a satin finish. I love wearing this when I’m feeling like a cute girly shade. It’s such a perfect shade for the spring and summer months too.

Mac // Shy Girl

Definitely one of the most reached for nudes in my collection, I wasn’t sold on it when I first bought it and now I never have it off! It’s the perfect nude for me because I love peach shades and this is a peachy toned nude. It’s just so gorgeous and is great for everyday wear, and I always find it compliments any eye look I’m wearing.

Mac // Velvet Teddy

I got this when I bought into the hype of the Kylie Jenner lip, and I’m so glad I did. I love this lipstick a lot because it’s matte and I love a matte lip. When I combine it with a matte lip liner, my lipstick just does not budge at all, I’ve eaten burgers with this thing on and my lipstick has still looked perfect afterwards, it’s insane. It’s a pinky brown toned nude, definitely something a tad more bold, but such a pretty colour and I find it compliments my pale skin nicely.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish // Shade 38

I feel like this is almost a drugstore dupe of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bitch Perfect, with a smoother finish. I think if I were to choose between the two, I would choose this one purely because it looks much nicer on the lips and is a lot cheaper. However, they each have their little differences and I’m still glad I have both in my collection!

All of these lipsticks do apply much more smoothly and nicely when using a lip liner beforehand, but I didn’t use one as I wanted to show you guys the true shades without them blending in with a liner. I Hope you liked this post! What’s your favourite nude?