Sigma Beauty // Structural Lashes

Recently Sigma brought out a new range of mascaras called *Structural Lashes which is a set of three unique mascaras set to create a specific look. I was eager to review these mascaras so Sigma kindly sent them to me, I was actually only expecting one from the set but I got all three, so I’ve been super excited to try them out since they arrived. The set contains three mascaras that go by the names of High Caliber Lash, Monumental Lash & Sinuosity Lash. You can wear these mascaras individually or you can layer them up and mix & match them to create whatever look you’d like. I have applied each one separately onto plain lashes to show you what each one looks like!

Monumental Lash has a thick wand which is meant to lift the lashes and create maximum volume. It’s for creating dramatic eyes. Now I didn’t apply this too heavily but the couple of coats I did apply, it really transformed my tiny lashes and gave them a lot of volume. My little sister is constantly making fun of how short my eyelashes are so honestly, this mascara seriously made a huge difference haha! I’m definitely a big fan of this one, it’s perfect for volume and it’s pretty decent for a natural length too.

High Caliber Lash has a straight firm wand to create long lasting length, which as you can see is exactly what it’s done. I could have built this one up as well to create even longer length but for me this is enough. I think applying this one straight after Monumental Lash would make such a good look.
This is my favourite one out of them all. I didn’t do it much justice since I applied it last out of all three. Wiping mascara off my lashes twice and then applying some more mascara wasn’t really the best of ideas, but still. The wand is curved to create a curl in your lashes and it also has perfectly even bristles which separate the lashes and create a beautiful look. I don’t feel the need to use any other mascara with this but you could use the Monumental Lash to create some volume as well if you wanted. 
I believe that you can buy these mascaras separately if you wish for $19 each which is around £12. But if you’d like to buy the full set it’s $45 which is around £29, which I actually think is amazing for what you get, that’s less than £10 per mascara. Sigma also offers international shipping so us guys who live in the UK can still get our hands on their products. I’m really impressed with all three of them and I will probably be using them daily from now on. I have been so far!