University Room Tour

Hey guys, my posts are not on schedule at the moment due to it being freshers week, I have some pre-photographed posts but I’m always too hungover to be able to think about what to write haha! But anyway, this post was planned way before I even moved into my new flat and I wanted to do a little tour to show you all how I make my rooms feel more homely whilst I’m at University. This may be of interest to some of you who have been or are still at Uni or even those who are planning to go in the future! I always miss home so much when I’m at Uni even though I’m a third year now, everything always feels all over the place and moving is the absolute worst. I hate having to pack up practically everything I own and then unpack it all twice a year, for three years, ugh. But once I’m all moved in and I’ve unpacked all my stuff, my room starts to feel more like an actual home, so I just thought I’d give you a teeny little tour of how I’ve set my new room up for my third and final year at Uni. This is my favourite room that I’ve had out of the three different halls I’ve lived in, there is one thing I don’t like about it which is that one of the walls is a really ugly green colour, so please just ignore that, if I wasn’t renting, that wall would definitely be obliterated. But the rest of the room is lovely and white, just how us bloggers like it. It is bigger than it looks in the pictures, trust me, all my other rooms at Uni have been tiny, it’s nice to have a decent sized one for once.

So I brought some little ornaments and candles and things with me just to make the room a bit nicer, as well as my makeup storage. I always love putting my fairy lights up too as they make the room look so much cuter, especially at this time of year! Please ignore the huge ring light in the corner, it’s a bit out of place but of course I don’t have the privilege of having a separate room for all my photography equipment! Oh and excuse all the alcohol on my desk, it’s freshers week, I like to be prepared 😉

That last one is the view out my window, the sun was setting the first night I got here, how pretty?! Hope you liked this post 🙂