Topshop Beauty

Believe it or not, these are the first items I’ve ever bought that are from the Topshop Beauty range. I’ve been meaning to try it out for the longest time but just never saw anything that took my fancy to the point where I actually bought it. Anyway, I recently went to a student shopping night and Topshop was part of it with 20% off everything, and I fell in love with this concealer palette and had to have it! I thought I may as well try some other bits too so I picked up a nail polish and a lip liner. I’ve had my eye on one of their bronzers and highlighters for a while but neither of them were there to my disappointment otherwise this haul would have been bigger & better. But I’m going to review these three little gems anyway because I absolutely love them all & Topshop Beauty hasn’t disappointed.

The Concealer Palette

This palette is £12 and you get three different concealer shades with a white powder. I absolutely love the first two shades as I have yellow undertones and it’s also the perfect shade for hiding dark under eye circles and redness. The second one is the perfect shade for covering up blemishes and breakouts, and I’ve been using it so much, it’s got such good coverage! The third shade is one that I haven’t actually used, but I feel like it would be good if you fake tan or tan easily as you would always have a darker concealer shade on hand. I haven’t actually used the powder yet but how handy will it be for travelling?! Overall I’m really happy with this palette, I would quite happily pay the £12 for just the first two shades of concealer as they are literally the perfect shades for my skin tone and the coverage is so so good for a drugstore product.

Lip Liner in Ceramic

I was unsure about this shade at first but decided to pick it up as it looked like a good nude for my darker toned lipsticks, and I was right, it matches with my Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick perfectly! I’d wear this alone too as it’s such an easy liner to apply and is lovely and creamy, as well as being long lasting. For £5 you can’t go wrong with this, I’m planning on trying another shade fairly soon as I’m in need of a few new lip liners.

Nail Polish in Parma Violet

At first I picked up a light pink shade but then I saw this gorgeous pastel purple and had to have it so I swapped it. I’m so glad I did because I’m in love with the colour, in the cold months I usually always wear dark shades but it’s nice to mix it up a bit and wear something lighter. The formula of this nail polish is honestly amazing, my nails usually chip within the first two days and I’ve had this on for about 5 days now and they still look new! I am definitely going to be picking up more shades from the Topshop range, I’ll probably end up with them all knowing my obsession with nail polishes!

So those are just the three things that I have so far, hopefully I’ll see the highlighter & bronzer that I want in stock soon so I can pick those up too. What’s your favourite product from Topshop Beauty?