Winter Wear

Winter is one of my favourite times despite the horrible cold weather, me and the cold just don’t get along at all, but I love rainy days where I can quite happily enjoy the sound from my warm cosy bed, or be sat in front of my fire at home just chilling out. I absolutely love being able to get all cosy in a knitted jumper or cardigan and they are my favourite items of clothing to wear! Winter is also one of the prettiest seasons, as much as I love the blue skies during summer, I love winter for photographing bare trees and hazy landscapes. So anyway, I thought that I would do a post on where I’ve bought my favourite and most long lasting winter wear from. This is down to the fit, the quality, and how long it’s lasted without fading or bobbling etc, as well as just places that sell really nice knitwear in general. I know that I’ve been on the look out for warmer clothes to fill my winter wardrobe with, and I thought that some of you that may be doing the same would find this handy!


Okay so we’ll start with my favourite, Topshop is by far my favourite place to buy new clothes, I just hate how expensive it can be. There are some tops and things I’ve bought that are really inexpensive but when it comes to knitwear, it can sometimes cost a fortune! I know you’re paying for the quality and whatever, and it is worth it, but when you’re a student, the price isn’t ideal. Then again, you do get student discount and they often do sales where they reduce the prices of stuff by a lot. I once bought a £40 jumper and a couple of weeks later found it in the sale for something like £15, I was very annoyed 😉

I currently have my eye on this jumper & this coat. They are also currently doing 20% off for students which ends tomorrow at midnight so take advantage, I will be!

New Look

New Look is another favourite for clothes, I find it a bit hit & miss when it comes to the fit, I’ve made big orders from here before and not even one thing has fit me properly. The quality is pretty good though for how affordable it is and I have found some really nice bits in here over the years. They also do some really cute Christmas jumpers (it’s not too early right?) This is another one that is also doing 20% off for students at the moment, I think they’re all trying to take advantage of the fact that everyones student loans are going in!

I’m currently crushing on this coat & this fluffy jumper.


I have a love/hate relationship with H&M, there are some really really affordable clothes in here that are so nice and it’s great, but the sizing is quite often a problem area. The clothes are either tiny or too big and I can never win. I think my favourite area of theirs is the basics, I’ve bought loads from it, just simple white or black tops and things that are basically all I wear. If you look hard enough you can find some really cute things though and they’re so inexpensive that you can’t not buy them! I’ve bought some cute jumpers from here in the past so I thought it was worth adding this one in as an option.


Boohoo is another one that is a bit hit & miss but when I get a hit, I’m really happy. I recently bought a jumper and a cardigan from here (they’re both in the picture above) and I love them, they were so so affordable too and are really comfy and good quality. The fit is always pretty great as well when it comes to knitwear so it’s definitely a winner in that area. They have so much choice too, I spend hours deciding what to buy. They’re also doing free next day delivery and it ends at 6, winner!

I love this cardigan in cream and this jumper (which I think is the one I have.)

Where’s your favourite place to shop in the winter?