Mac Lipstick Collection

This is such a typical blog post to do, but one that I am yet to have actually done myself because I’ve never felt like my Mac lipstick collection was big enough. Anyway, I recently felt the need to buy some new lipsticks, I didn’t need them, but I felt bored of all of mine and wanted something different. I decided to get a couple of lipsticks from Mac that have been on my wish list for a while now, which were Diva & Kinda Sexy. I’ve been after them for so long and never felt like I really needed them, but I just went for it and got them. I’m so glad I did, they’re my two favourite lipsticks to wear at the moment, I wear Kinda Sexy if I’m feeling a nude kinda day and Diva if I want something a bit more Wintery and bold. I love all of my Mac lipsticks, even though a couple of them look pretty similar, they are all so different and I love being able to wear different shades all of the time, depending on what look I’m going for. I do only have 8 lipsticks in my collection so far, I hope to one day own a lot more, but for now, I’m really happy with what I do have as I feel like I have a shade for every occasion.

Shy Girl

One of my all time favourites as I love peachy shades when it comes to nudes, Shy Girl is a cremesheen lipstick and it’s really glossy and moisturising. This is one of my most worn nudes, especially during Spring!


This was my first nude purchase from Mac, back when I was pretty awful with makeup, as you can probably tell. It makes me look really washed out because it’s a very pale pink and I have such pale skin. I still love this shade because if I wear a dark smokey eye and I want a very pale nude, I apply this, and then another shade on top and it gives me such a nice nude to pair my smokey eye with.

Velvet Teddy

I’m pretty sure everyone owns this shade, I love it because it’s quite a dark nude on my skin, so it’s almost like I’m wearing a bold nude. It’s also great because whilst it’s matte, it’s really creamy and not drying whatsoever, so during winter when my lips are very dry, I can always rely on this one.

Vegas Volt

I got this when I was going through an obsession with coral shades, I actually haven’t worn this in a long time and after swatching it for these photos, I remembered how much I loved it again. I definitely need to get more wear out of it, it’s easily my favourite summer lipstick, it’s the perfect shade for that time of year.

Kinda Sexy

I wanted this for so long but felt like it was so similar to Velvet Teddy that I didn’t need it. I’m so glad I have it now, it’s absolutely my new favourite! They are a little similar, but as you can see, Kinda Sexy is a lot more pink toned than Velvet Teddy, so I feel like it’s more of a girly shade. I just loveeeee it, it’s so pretty!

Ruby Woo

The debate between getting this and Russian Red was intense, but I went for Ruby Woo because of how matte it is. I find when it comes to red lipsticks, matte ones are a lot longer lasting so they win every time. It’s honestly such a drying lipstick, which a lot of people won’t like, but my trick is to apply a bit of lip balm before it and then it applies like a dream & still lasts all night.


I don’t really wear this that much anymore, I do really like the shade don’t get me wrong, but I just feel like it doesn’t suit me that well. If I wear this one, I usually combine it with a red to get a dark berry tone. It’s a great shade for Autumn, that’s usually the time of year that it gets worn most.


My new fave vamp shade, I’ve always loved a good vampy lipstick, especially during winter. This is now my go-to Autumn/Winter shade, sometimes I just feel like going for a bold lipstick and this is the perfect one!

So that’s my Mac lipstick collection! Let me know what your favourite Mac shade is 🙂