Christmas Night In

I recently got sent this beautiful box of gifts from Ocean Finance, to have a ‘Christmas night in’ on them. The idea of the campaign came from the fact that they help people all year round finance their dream homes and they thought that a night in would be the perfect Christmas celebration!

I had no idea what I would be receiving in the package that they were sending me, and I was so excited when it arrived to find the softest onesie inside! I’ve never joined the onesie hype so it was even more exciting for me to be able to wear one for the first time, especially this one as it’s so so cute and perfect for the Christmas holidays. It also feels like a fur throw, it’s so soft on the outside and on the inside, I’ve been living in it for the past couple of days! All of the presents came in this absolutely gorgeous box that I am in love with, I just love the animal print with the gold antlers, it’s so cute.

Anyway the rules for the night in were basically to get all cosy in my onesie, and open each present one by one with a few twitter competitions in between. I was sent this really cute hot chocolate set with a Christmas mug, packet of hot chocolate powder, a little bar of chocolate & a bag of white marshmallows to make myself a hot chocolate to drink whilst opening the rest of the presents. I also received a snowflake cookie mix set that I made, topped with sparkly sprinkles, and my brothers and sisters enjoyed eating all of them as they were so nice. The other presents included a bar of creme brulee flavoured chocolate, a personalised snowflake Christmas tree decoration with my name cut into it & a Christmas film which was ‘The Polar Express.’

Overall, I had a really nice night and I loved the gifts I was sent, thank you Ocean! 🙂