How to Battle Oily Skin

I used to suffer with the most oiliest skin in the world, I am talking, having to blot and touch up with powder every 10 minutes, it was hell. I was determined to try and find products that would help prevent my face from getting as oily, and I have been through various combinations of moisturisers, primers & foundations until I finally found the perfect combination! I barely get oily at all with the products that I use these days and I don’t have to touch up with powder for an entire day, if at all. I’m so happy that I finally battled my oily skin because it was honestly awful. My makeup can still tend to become a little slippery where it may rub off a bit in my T-Zone area, but that problem has never occurred because I just stay away from touching my face. You’ll never be able to fully overcome oily skin, because that’s just the way your skin works, but hopefully these tips will help you to battle it 95% like they have with me 🙂

Stop moisturising on a night;
I know after washing your face etc you’re supposed to moisturise daily, to help with anti-ageing and to keep your face hydrated, and I used to moisturise every night and every morning and never thought anything of it. I then thought about investing in a moisturiser that helps keep your face matte, and I tried out the Boots Tea Tree Shine Control Day Moisturiser which I now use every single day. However, I don’t ever moisturise on a night anymore, I used to use a normal moisturiser on a night, and then the shine control moisturiser on a morning before applying my makeup, and I still got oily. I thought about ditching my moisturiser completely, but then I just ditched using my normal one on a night and it has made the biggest difference to my oily skin. I always thought I needed it to deal with the few dry patches I get but I have no problems with them at all. Just ditch any moisturiser that isn’t a shine control one and don’t apply it more than once a day! I’m not saying that this will work for you, but it’s honestly worth a try because it’s made such a huge difference for me!

Use a primer;
This one is a fairly obvious one, but finding the right primer is so important to help deal with oiliness. I’ve tried out quite a few and the one that has stood out for me as being the best is the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer which is so inexpensive and lasts ages, so it’s great! It helps deal with my oiliness with every foundation I’ve used and helps to keep me matte all day. I really recommend trying this one out when it’s so inexpensive as it really is so so good.

Find the right foundation;
Matte foundations are obviously also important, my absolute favourite to use is my Estee Lauder Double Wear, I don’t think I’ll ever not repurchase this as I use it practically every time I wear makeup. It’s the only foundation I’ve used that keeps my oil under control for an entireeeeee day, it’s so good!

Set your base with powder;
Setting your base with a powder is a must, it just finishes off your base and is another product that will help towards keeping your face matte all day. I use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent which I think most people own as it’s so affordable and works so well.

Look after your skin;
If you get very oily, you’ll be aware that it can cause a lot of breakouts, I’m pretty sure most people try and look after their skin anyway, but there is a certain product I’ve found that’s a miracle worker! Out of all the skincare products that are out there, Dettol’s Anti-Bacterial Soap does wonders for clearing up spots, I started using it after my dad recommended it to me and it’s like a bar of magic! It can dry your skin out and it feels quite rubbery until your face is dry, but I don’t have any problems with my skin being dry after I’ve moisturised the next morning. Obviously bacteria is what causes spots in the first place, and this soap just does such a good job of counteracting it as well as helping keep oiliness away. You can pick it up for like a pound and it lasts forever, the results are so so worth it too.

So this is my routine for keeping an oil free face for a full day, I know everyone is different, but I hope some of these steps may help some of you out as there aren’t many posts on how to deal with oily skin out there 🙂