Asos Haul

Well I say haul… does 4 dresses count as a haul? I don’t know. I got some other bits too but I thought it was a bit pointless photographing those so I thought I’d show you all these really cute dresses that I bought. I never do fashion posts anymore, maybe that should change! So since becoming pregnant, I have started to grow a little bump and I find it uncomfortable to wear tight clothes now so most of the time when at home, I live in my pyjamas. Before finding out I was pregnant, I basically lived in my high waist skinny jeans from Topshop, I never ever wear anything else, and now that I can’t wear those anymore I needed to get some new clothes. So I decided the best thing to wear whilst pregnant are dresses, as they flow over your bump and are just basically the comfiest thing you can wear, so I got these cuties. (None of these are maternity clothes by the way, they’re all sizes 6/8, I’m not at that stage yet!)

Boohoo Petite Smock Dress with Frill Sleeve
I saw this and thought the frilly sleeves were really cute so it became a must have straight away. I got this in a size 6 so it’s quite short on me but I prefer that as I’m only 5’2 so I always find that long dresses make me look tinier than I already am. I love the navy blue colour of it and it’s made out of the softest material ever so I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Motel Tiara Lace Back Dress
I love this just for the print, it’s so pretty and something a bit different to my basic wardrobe, but still really me as the majority of what I wear is black/grey! I like the tie up at the back too, this is just a really flowy dress that’s perfect for my little growing bump as it’s really comfy to wear.

Boohoo Petite Smock Dress
I just liked this for how simple it is, and of course it’s black which is my fave colour to wear. It’s long sleeved so I have something to wear when it’s cold, it’s the kinda thing I’ll throw on with a jumper on top for a simple but comfy outfit!

New Look Petite Pinny Dress
I love pinafore dresses, they’re so cute, so I had to add this to my basket. I like that you can wear these with any top you want and you can basically create a completely different outfit each time you wear it. I’ll wear this with t-shirts when it’s warm and jumpers/long sleeves when it’s cold, they all look cute with it!

I also got some new pyjamas & some skinny low waist trousers, so I now have plenty of comfy things to wear for a while. Hope you guys liked this post, I know it’s a bit different from the usual!