Travelling Essentials

Whenever I’m going on a holiday, whether it be for a weekend break or for longer, I always have to make a list of what I want to take as I like to be organised and not forget anything. I’m going on my travels to Paris on Wednesday, well technically Thursday, but on Wednesday I’m heading down to London for the night before getting the Euro Rail to Paris. So of course I had to make a list as today and tomorrow I’ll be packing everything. These are some things that always make it on to my lists as they’re essentials in my eyes!

I think a purse is an essential to everyone, I know I can’t go anywhere without mine, if I don’t want to carry it, I always make sure I have my ID and my debit card on me. It’s also wise to always make sure you have some cash on you, and of course if you’re going to Europe, make sure you have some Euros! I got my purse from Topshop.

I always like to take a pair of sunglasses, especially when the weather is forecast to be sunny, which it is this week in Paris yay! This pair is from Primark. Earphones are also an essential for all the travelling there & back, listening to music whilst on all the trains is something I can’t go without. I’ll be taking my camera of course so I always make sure I have a spare camera battery in my bag, it saves me having to pack my bulky camera charger and the canon batteries last for aaaaaages. Another really handy thing to carry is a portable charger so that you can charge your phone on the move.

I like to have an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer & hand cream in my bag at all times, as well as a nice body spray to freshen up. These are handbag essentials anyway but I find they mostly come in useful when travelling. My hand sanitizer is from Soap & Glory, my hand cream is a vanilla one from Sephora & my body spray is ‘Tease’ by Impulse, they all smell sooooo good and are really inexpensive. It’s also a good idea to have a nice perfume with you when travelling, I like to take my expensive one as I know it will last all day without wearing off. My favourite is Valentino Donna, it smells absolutely gorg.

When it comes to makeup, the best things to take travelling are things that are going to last all day with minimal touch up, as you’re most likely going to be spending your entire day out and about. My favourite long lasting foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear and I don’t think that will ever change. I barely get oily at all when wearing this and it lasts all day long so it’s perfect for the long days travelling and being a tourist! An all in one palette for eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer etc would usually be ideal but I don’t travel often enough to own one. So the palette that I’m taking is my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette as it’s my fave palette in the world and I don’t really want to go anywhere without it. It has enough different shades in to create various different looks which means I don’t have to look the same everyday so it’s perfect! And finally, a liquid lipstick is a must. Liquid lipsticks last all day throughout eating etc without needing to top up so they are an absolute travelling staple for me. This is the newest one to my collection and it’s Rimmel Provocalips ‘Make Your Move’ which is a really gorgeous pinky nude shade. Also take a lip balm as liquid lipsticks can be quite drying, I use Carmex Cherry Lip Balm, it’s my fave.

So those are all my essentials for travelling! If you have a similar post let me know because I’d love to have a read 🙂