I’m Having a Baby!

I haven’t kept this a secret at all so if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter then you’ll be fully aware that I am having a baby! I’ve been so excited ever since I found out, as I am absolutely obsessed with babies, they are just the cutest. I’m actually growing one of my own and it’s such an exciting and amazing experience, it’s all I think and talk about and I am not one bit sorry! Every week I get excited about how much it’s grown and what developments he/she has made, every little thing is just so exciting, especially with it being my first pregnancy!

Anyway, I was 13 weeks pregnant as of Saturday, and today I had my first scan. I was in Paris last week and as much as I loved it, I just couldn’t wait to get home for this scan because I’ve been waiting so long to see my little baby for the first time! The baby was measured at being 13+3 weeks which means I’ve had it spot on all along so I’m super happy about that as it means I don’t have longer to wait until the next scan! My due date is early October, and I just want him/her to be here now, I’m the most impatient person in the world and I am dying to have this little baba in my arms already.

I’m suffering with the usual pregnancy symptoms, tiredness, lack of energy, sickness etc. But they’re all normal and healthy symptoms so it’s all good. I’m planning on paying for a 3D/4D scan in a few weeks so that I can find out the sex for definite and then I can go on a shopping spree yay! I am wanting it to be a girl but only so I can buy lots of dresses, tights, bows and girly things. They’re just all so cuteeeee.

Anyways, I won’t do too many blog updates on my pregnancy as I’ll probably post about it enough on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. I will however blog an update as soon as I find out if it’s a little boy or a little girl! Follow me on social media for any other updates 🙂