Pregnancy Update // 16 Weeks.

I wasn’t going to do a pregnancy update until my 20 week scan but I couldn’t resist posting this one. As of today I am 16+1 weeks and two weeks ago I booked in for a scan to find out my baby’s gender as I have been dying to know what I’m having ever since I found out I was pregnant. So yesterday I went and had a babybond gender scan, and found out that I am having a baby boy! I’ve had a boys name in mind for a couple of weeks now that I’m in love with so I’m pretty sure I know what he will be called but I’m keeping it a secret until he’s born just incase I change my mind (again!)

A lot of people know that I was kind of wanting a girl, but only because I’m a single mum and I would know what to do with a little girl as she grows up, I don’t really know about boys! I’m not disappointed at all though, little boys are absolutely adorable and I have younger twin brothers who I used to help look after all the time when they were babies and they were so so cute.

So as for pregnancy symptoms, for the first 3 months I was feeling nauseous all day everyday and that has now subsided, thank god. However, instead of feeling sick all the time, I’m now hungry ALL of the time. The worst part is that as your baby grows your stomach gets smaller and you can’t eat as much, which actually is probably a good thing as I would probably end up with an overweight baby going by my appetite! I think I’ve felt the baby move a couple of times, I’ve had a weird feeling in my stomach that’s like that dropping sensation in your stomach when you’re on a roller coaster. It’s only happened twice though and I know with your first pregnancy you usually don’t feel the baby until later on.

I had loads of breakouts with the change in my hormones but they seem to have settled down now, I literally just pile on every face cleansing product I have and eventually they all go away so I’m glad that’s over with! I’ve got a smallish bump but no stretch marks or anything as of yet, I don’t think I’ll get them until it really pops out in the next month or so.

Clothes wise, I’m struggling to fit into my old clothes now, I either live in my pyjamas when at home as they’re the comfiest thing to wear, or I wear tights and loose fitting things like skater skirts and dresses. I’ve been wearing my skinny jeans lately but they’re high waist and they’re stretchy ones from Topshop so I’m fine walking about but sat down it’s just not happening, I have to unzip them so I think they’re going to have to be put away for the next 6 months.

I haven’t been eating extremely healthily but my cravings have all been savoury things like crisps, pickles and potatoes. Such a great combo. I had a feeling when all my cravings were savoury that it meant I was having a boy so maybe there is some truth in that myth?! Who knows.

So yeah, that’s everything that’s been happening so far. I’ll probably do my next update after my 20 week scan 🙂

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