Pregnancy Update // 20 Weeks.

20 weeks down – halfway there!

I’m 20 weeks already, it’s going by so fast. Today I’m actually 20 weeks & 3 days and in 4 days I’ll be in month 6 – crazy! I’ve just had my 20 week scan to make sure the baby is growing properly and check for any abnormalities, and everything is fine, he’s one healthy little baba yay!

A lot has changed since my 16 week update, my bump has well and truly appeared and is getting bigger by the day, I’m starting to feel huge. Barely any of my clothes fit me anymore and I’m now living in maternity leggings and stretchy tees from Primark. I can’t advise anyone enough to stock up on loads of Primark tees from their ‘stretch’ range if you’re pregnant, they’re £2.50-£3.50 each and are the comfiest thing evvvvver. I’m obsessed, they have some really nice colours too. The striped ones are my favourites, I’m wearing one in my bump shot above.

I started feeling movements at around 18 weeks, and they have just gotten stronger and stronger over the past two weeks. He likes to be mostly active at night when his mama is trying to get to sleep or early on a morning at 6-7am. So it’s safe to say I’m getting used to the lack of sleep already, never mind when he’s actually here! It’s at the point now where if I have my laptop or hand resting on my stomach and he kicks, they actually get jolted upwards. I can see his movements and kicks from the outside of my belly too, it’s so weird seeing him moving about!

My cravings haven’t really changed except I’m always wanting chocolate and crisps now, so healthy I know. I actually went off chocolate in my first trimester which is so unlike me, but now I’m back to my chocaholic self. I just crave all the bad foods basically, but I try my best to also incorporate healthy things into my diet like fruit.

My pregnancy symptoms include a sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen when I sneeze which is known as ’round ligament pain’ I believe, it’s mostly when I’m curled up in bed but jeez it hurts! I’ve also had a lot of pain in my lower back but I just try to sit with it supported as much as I can to avoid it. I had a shooting pain down my left leg today too which was weird, I’ve not had it before. I think that’s ‘sciatica’ which is another common pregnancy symptom. Oh the joys. Apart from those occasionally irritating me, I’ve been fine. I’m honestly just glad the sickness has gone from the first trimester, that was awful.

I’m also in the process of creating a baby journal/scrapbook type book, I ordered a personalised one online and I’m filling it with all of my scan pictures and sticking them in with pretty gold tape and things. I want to create something more personal and handmade than just sticking everything in a boring plain photo album, being the creative person that I am. I’m going to make pages with his first movements and things on too, and when he’s born I’ll put in his hand and footprints. It’s going to be so cute, I can’t wait to fill it! I will definitely do a blog post on it when it’s got a few pages filled.

I think that’s everything really. 20 weeks is the last scan that you have, but I’ll definitely post another update when more things start happening. I have a baby haul planned too, I want to show you all the cute clothes I’ve bought! Hope you enjoyed this update 🙂