Room Details.

Now that I’m finished with Uni and I’ve moved back home, I’ve been working on making my room look nice again like it used to. I basically emptied it when I went to Uni so it’s looked quite bare and bland for a while. I’ve also been working on adding touches to it for when the baby arrives, I’ll be living at home whilst he’s little so he won’t have his own room until I move out. I’m not completely finished yet because I want to add some personalised bits with his name on around the room but I think it looks quite nice for now with his moses basket and some cute wall stickers! I’ve done a previous post on my desk & shelves but they’ve changed around a lot since then so I included them too. I love looking at other bloggers room bits so I hope you all enjoy having a nosey at mine! Also I get asked quite a lot where my shelving is from – it’s all handmade & hand painted, you can read about it here. 🙂