The Eyeshadow Palette Edit.

Girls, you can never own enough eyeshadow palettes.

I feel like some of my palettes don’t get mentioned enough on my blog so I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourites and included swatches of them to show how beaut they are. I really don’t think that you can ever own enough eyeshadow palettes, there’s so many that I want to add to my collection that are so different to what I already have. It looks silly to get too many but I never do my makeup without applying eyeshadow so they all get their use and who wants to wear the same makeup all the time?! I like to experiment quite often, especially when doing looks for my blog so it’s nice to have a wide variety. If you don’t own all of these, I guarantee by the end of the post you’ll want at least one!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | £39.00
The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is without a doubt my favourite eyeshadow palette. I really need to add the other chocolate bar palettes to my collection because this one is just so gorg. It smells like chocolate, the shades are super pigmented & pretty and it’s really versatile. I use this palette more than any of my others because there’s so many looks that are perfect for everyday wear as well as being glam. It’s a very neutral kind of palette but with lots of shimmery shades and a couple of pops of colour, so it’s a palette you can take anywhere for any occasion. I’ve had this palette for a while now and I still fall in love with it every time I open the lid!

The Balm Nude ‘tude Palette | £30.00
The Balm Nude ‘tude is the most recent palette to my collection but is definitely a fave. For £30 you get 12 incredibly pigmented shades and if your favourite kinds of palettes are nudes then this is a must have. I love all the bronze and gold tones in it, as well as the really pretty shimmery pink shade. It also has a white shade in it which is the most pigmented white eyeshadow that I own, it’s a really good dupe for Mac’s Vanilla Loose Pigment as it creates the same effect in the inner corners of the eyes.

Mac 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette | £162.50
Okay so it’s incredibly expensive to build your own Mac Palette, they do already built 15 pan palettes now (warm & cool) but they weren’t around when I began building my palette and I loved the idea of being able to pick all of my own shades. I was so happy when I finally completed it last year and even though it seems to cost a stupid amount, it didn’t feel like it at the time really. It was done gradually too which meant I didn’t really notice how much the palette was actually costing me. I don’t regret this palette at all, Mac have such a good range of eyeshadows and I love every single shade in this palette. It’s based on very neutral tones but at the same time has enough shades to create so many different eye looks. There are a lot of cheaper eyeshadow brands out now that are just as good if not better, so this probably isn’t an option for those on a budget, but I really do love mine! If you want to know what shades are in this, you can view my post on it here.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | £18.00
Zoeva are one of the best brands for affordable eyeshadow palettes, in the Cocoa Blend you get 10 really pigmented eyeshadows that are each really beautiful shades. I really want to pick up more of their palettes as they have some gorgeous ones, but when choosing one, I personally thought this was the nicest of all. My favourite shade has to be the rose gold shade (second from the top) it’s a pale pink with specs of gold glitter and it’s just so so pretty. I don’t wear it enough but when swatching the palette it’s reminded me to use it more. I think if you’re really into browns and gold tones then this palette is perfect for you!

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette | £8.00
This is the most affordable eyeshadow palette that I own, Makeup Revolution really do some great products for those on a budget. For 8 pounds you get 32 different shades and you have a palette that will see you through all kinds of occasions. Some of the shades are more pigmented than others, and some are very similar to others but really you can’t go wrong for the price. There is some gorgeous shimmers in this that I adore and I can’t believe how pigmented they are for a palette that’s only £8. If you’re after a very versatile palette with plenty of shades in for an affordable price, MR is definitely the one for you!

So that’s my palette round up. Hope you liked this post! What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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