A Beauty Staple for Pale Skin.

Struggle with finding suitable shades for your light skin tone? This beauty product is a game changer.

I discovered this product a while ago after purchasing the Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ Foundation on a whim when I was in Paris. I tried the foundation out in Sephora and the shade looked fine, it was also a shade named “Porcelain” which obviously you would think was a light shade for light skin tones. Nope. I got home from Paris and tried it out for the first time and it was way, way, way too dark. Because it was a pretty expensive foundation, I was eager to find a way to make it lighter somehow so I began searching the internet for some kind of lightening product. That’s when I came across The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops, perfect! It took me a while to actually purchase this product because I’ve been using other foundations so I haven’t felt the need to use my Too Faced one. But now I finally have it, it’s honestly a game changer. Being the incredibly pale gal I am, I always struggle with finding foundations to suit my skin tone, especially drugstore ones – absolute nightmare! But I will struggle no more, not only do these lightening drops lighten my foundations but they also kind of neutralise the shade. So if you have a foundation or concealer that’s too orange or pink toned, this will help to neutralise the shade so it matches your skin tone better.

They’re an absolute life saver if you have spent a lot of money on products that have ended up being the wrong shade or if you love a product but they don’t sell it in a shade light enough. They’re perfect for use with foundations, concealers, any liquid product that you want lightening really.

As you can see above, my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in “Porcelain” (which isn’t porcelain at all really) is far too dark for my skin. Look at how much lighter it is mixed with a couple of lightening drops, it’s fab! It’s also completely took away the orangeness and made it into such a neutral shade. The drops don’t alter the formula of your product either, all they do is lift the shade of it. I honestly couldn’t recommend these drops any more, I’m so happy with the results!

Let me know if you’ve tried them or are tempted to after reading this post 🙂

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