A Little Homeware Haul.

Is it just me that’s absolutely obsessed with cute homeware?!

Most people that follow me on twitter & snapchat will be well aware that I turned 22 last week and I did quite a big snapchat story haul showing all of the gifts I got from my family. I was reallllllly spoilt this year (and so was baby!) and got some of the cutest home bits for mine & baby’s room. I’ve also picked up a couple of things myself recently as I’ve been trying to decorate my new set of shelves, so I thought that I’d gather everything together and do a little homeware haul to show you it all. My shelves are looking fab now too! If you haven’t already seen them on my Instagram, I’m going to do a ‘shelfie’ post soon as I’m dying to show them off on my blog. I’ve already done posts including my copper set of shelves but I have a white/gold themed set now too so I think two sets of shelves warrants a blog post right?! Anyway onto these cute home things…

I’ve been eyeing up this marble print for a few weeks now and my sister sneakily went and bought it for me for my birthday. I’m so so happy with it, it looks adorable on my wall! It comes in a white frame with a print inside that says “if you never try you will never know” in pink lettering with a marble texture behind it. So cute. It’s actually sold out so I’m really sorry if you’re wanting it, hopefully they’ll get it back in stock soon! I’m glad my sister got it for me when she did though because I loooove it.

Donut Print
This is one of my personal illustrations that I think is really cute, and I have a donut obsession at the moment so it was only fitting that it went on the wall! You can find them on my Etsy Shop if you wanna get your hands on one. I just printed it out on my normal printer on a sheet of A4 white card and used my guillotine to cut off the excess. I also taped it to the wall using some gold washi tape that I got from eBay.

White Frame
I got this white frame for really cheap from eBay, I just wanted an A5 sized frame to go under my A4 one to add another print to the wall. I originally had a quote in this frame but I got this really cute card with my name on for my birthday from my youngest sister and I had to put this in it. It’s just so cute with the gold detailing and the little pattern, it also matches with the gold washi tape above the other print so it’s perfect!

Gold Candle Holder
I wanted to add some gold details to my white shelves so I picked up this candle holder in the card factory for I think only 99p. Can’t go wrong really can you?! It looks really cute in the middle of my shelves and I’ve been putting some of those little yankee candles in it that I also got for my birthday 🙂

Gold Pineapple Sharpener
This was another birthday gift and it is theeeeeee cutest thing ever. It’s actually a sharpener but I’m using it as a decoration on my shelves because it’s another thing to add to the gold detailing and it is just the cutest thing. I love pineapples anyway but gold ones? Even better! If you want a simple little accessory for your desk, this is perf.

Rose Gold Geo Stripe Ceramic Candle
So this was another birthday gift (totally spoilt) that I was allowed to open two days early. Oh my god, I have never been so in love with a candle before. Just look at how pretty it is! The rose gold detailing is everything. *insert heart eye emoji here* If you’ve seen my shelves with the copper brackets and detailing then you’ll just know how perfect this goes with them. Ahhh it’s so so pretty. It isn’t just a pretty candle holder either, inside is a candle with a coconut & lime scent that is to die for, so good. And once it’s all burnt, I can use this as a makeup brush holder, pencil holder or anything. Best gift everrrrrrr.

Tiny Cactus
I recently made a trip to Ikea and picked up a set of little cacti, I’ve been after some for ages because they’re just so cute and make such a sweet little addition to shelves. You get three in a set but I think you can buy them separately too 🙂

Makeup Brush Holder/Candle Holder
I’m pretty sure everyone has seen/heard/got one of these by now right? I was in need of a new makeup brush holder so I also picked this little cutie in Ikea. I think it’s actually a candle holder but I love the lace sort of detailing on it, it just makes for a really pretty makeup brush holder. I think I actually should have got two as mine are so crammed! Only £2 too, bargain.

George Home Letter Votive Candle
These were another birthday gift that I absolutely love. I mean who doesn’t want candles that spell their name? They’re unscented but they look so cute anywhere! I currently have them on my window ledge and they’re just a sweet little addition to my room decor.

Letterpress Wooden Letter
I got a few things for baby R for my room too, including this super sweet wooden ‘R’ letter. I already have a ‘G’ one in my room, so now baby has his letter too! I was meaning to pick one up for ages so this was a perfect birthday gift. I also got the super adorable blue nursery bunting but I’m not sure where that’s from. How cute is it though?! I actually received two sets of this so my room has lots more baby decor now!

So those are all my new room bits, I love them all. I’ll probably be adding more baby related decor as it gets closer to my due date so I might do another post like this in a few weeks. Hope you enjoyed this post!