How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes // The Diamond Hair Styler.

Curls, waves, whatever you choose to go for – done in 5 minutes!

Today I’m doing a little review on the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler* a professional pair of hair straighteners that heat up instantly and have a really cool digital display. I was in dire need of a new pair of hair straighteners as I’ve been using the same pair for years and some of the paint is coming off and they just look a bit grim now. These couldn’t have come at a better time really!

So when they arrived, they came in this really sleek matte black box with a magnetic opening which instantly looks really lovely and professional. I think I would probably prefer the straighteners themselves to be black too but y’know they’re just straighteners at the end of the day and the red is a nice change. They do actually look really nice too. So what really impressed me about these is that once turned on, there’s a little digital display that tells you what temperature the straighteners are at, and when you turn up the heat, it shows you what temperature it’s at as it heats up. It’s actually so cool, not gonna lie. And you know it’s heating up fast because the number instantly changes from something like 160 to 190. So if you’re ever in a rush to get ready on a morning, these are perfect!

They straighten my hair with ease and leave it feeling really soft, which is a miracle for my frizzy brittle hair. My actual go-to hairstyle is loose curls/waves though, so the real deal breaker for me was whether they would curl my hair as well as my old ones did. And the answer is yesssss, they are even better. Overall I’m really happy with these and I can see them lasting a very long time because they’re of such good quality. They retail for $149 which is around £100 and you will definitely get what you pay for, they’re fab.

So I’ve added in a little hair tutorial on how I curl my hair in 5 minutes using these babes, nothing special, just my day to day hairstyle. I like something that’s really quick and easy, so if that’s what you’re after then maybe you’ll like this look too!

I would love to have hair naturally straight hair but unfortunately I don’t, and whenever I straighten my hair it just goes wavy and flicky at the ends so I don’t see the point in bothering. So my go-to hairstyle is to go for a loose curl/wave sort of look that will get rid of my frizziness but still give my hair some style. To curl it, I grab small sections of my hair like in the above.

I then take the straighteners from the middle of the hair, rotating them until the hair is folded around them and then going all the way to the bottom.

I repeat that step until all of my hair is done and I end up with this loose curl effect. The curls aren’t as great as you get with a hair curling iron, but hair curlers take so much longer and this is far quicker and easier for everyday.

If you want the curls to be more defined, then don’t do this step, but I then brush through my hair so that I end up with a natural kind of wavy look. I add a bit of hairspray just to keep my hair styled for longer during the day, my fave is the VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray.

Then I style my hair however and that’s that! It’s such a quick hairstyle to do and most days I end up just shoving my hair up and rocking a loose curl ponytail look. I’d rather have loose curls or waves than straight hair with flicks at the end, so this is the best way to style my hair.

Let me know if you have any tips for dealing with frizzy hair & what your go-to hair style is 🙂