Pregnancy Update // 24 Weeks.

24 weeks down – only 16 to go!

Things are a lot more exciting now, I’m 4 weeks away from being in my third and final trimester and I can’t wait. I have a very active baby and with every week that passes I’m getting closer and closer to my due date. I obviously still have a little while to go but going by how fast it’s gone so far, I think it will creep up fairly quickly! I can’t believe I’m 6 months pregnant, seriously, where has that time gone?! It feels like I only found out I was pregnant yesterday, and that was back in February! I feel like this is a good week to do an update since I’m at a nice round 6 months so here’s the low-down:

I’m now in week 24 of my pregnancy, so I’m 6 months pregnant.

Size of Baby
Baby is now 30cm in length, approx the size of an eggplant.

What Baby Weighs
He weighs around 1.32 pounds.

Weight Changes
Last time I checked I’d gained 8 pounds. I think I was supposed to have gained a bit more though, not sure how I haven’t with the amount I’ve been eating!

Pregnancy symptoms have included; being hungry all the time, I mean I’m hungry even when I’m full and food always wins so I end up overeating and feeling sick. I’ve had some lower back pain but I slouch a lot so I don’t help myself. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping, it doesn’t matter how many pillows I put on either side of me, I still wake up on my back which causes me more pain in my back, so annoying! I’ve also had sciatica in my left leg which has been hell, I really need to try and get it sorted because sometimes I can barely walk on it. And the last symptom I’ve been having is heartburn, I constantly have a burning in the back of my throat and it’s bloody awful. But it will all be worth it in a few weeks 🙂

Baby has been moving since around 18 weeks, and he has literally just got more and more active with every passing week. He started being mainly active at night and early on a morning so between the hours of 12-7am, but now he’s very active during the day too. I notice it mainly after I’ve eaten or had a cold drink, or sometimes when I’m just lying down on my laptop. I think he likes to try and kick my laptop off my belly! He’s honestly getting so strong, if you want to see a short video of a big kick he did the other night you can see it on my Instagram. It’s the cutest!

I’ve been craving all sorts including pickles, poppadoms, cheese & onion crisps and chocolate!

Looking Forward to…
I’m looking forward to booking a 4D scan at around 28-30 weeks, I am dying to know what he looks like 🙂 I’ve also been working on my baby scrapbook/journal (pictured above) which I’ve been loving and I can’t wait to have more pictures of him to put in it. The journal is personalised with his name at the bottom but because I’m not revealing it yet I had to work some Photoshop magic and edit it out!

Baby’s Name
I decided on a name a long time ago and some family and some friends know what it is, but apart from that it’s unrevealed! Everyone just knows him as “Baby R” for now. I went for a name that I’ve loved for a long time but it’s very uncommon so I would be really surprised if someone guessed it! He has 4 names altogether, a first name, two middle names and a last name. I also wanted to name him after my dad so his second middle name is my dad’s name 🙂

So I think that’s everything really. I don’t know when I’ll next do an update as the only thing that will probably really change significantly is the size of my bump. Maybe I’ll do a post after my 4D scan so you can all see him!