Pregnancy Update // 27 Weeks.

27 weeks down – only 13 to go!
I’m so excited to meet my little baby, even more after seeing him yesterday in 4D. I’m now 27 weeks pregnant, almost 7 months already! I can’t believe how fast it’s going but I wish October would hurry up already, I’m dying to meet my little boy. My 4D scan was absolutely incredible, it’s amazing what they can do these days with technology. Baby was stubborn as usual and he kept hiding his face with his hand so we couldn’t see him properly. He’s done that at every single scan I’ve had, it’s so cute – he must be shy! I actually ended up with some pretty good pictures despite that, he moved his hand at one point. The umbilical cord was in the way of his face also which there’s nothing you can do about but I personally don’t think it has ruined the photos at all, you can hardly tell it’s there. I’m so glad I decided to get one done because I wasn’t going to but then I was just so desperate to have a sneak peek of his gorgeous little face. I’m seriously in love, god knows what I’m going to be like when he’s actually born. So yeah. Here’s a few close ups of a couple of the pictures I got from the 4D scan as well as a little 27 week update 🙂

I’m now 27 weeks pregnant.

Size of Baby
He is approx 36.6cm in length.

What Baby Weighs
He weighs around 1.93 pounds.

Weight Changes
I think I’ve gained about a stone and a half so far, which is about right for how many weeks I am. Still have no stretch marks though, winning!

I’ve still been suffering with sciatica quite badly, it’s mostly in my left leg but it’s spread to both a few times. I only really get it when baby moves in a certain position that presses on the nerve so I’m just really unlucky that he always decides to lie awkwardly! I’ve also had pretty bad heartburn which wasn’t too bad or frequent until the last week or so, I’ve just been taking loads of this Peptac Peppermint Liquid I got from the doctor, it’s pretty grim tasting, almost like swallowing toothpaste but it really helps.

He’s incredibly active now, and I think he gets hiccups quite often because I get these weird constant movements from time to time. I love it. People told me that I’d get sick of him moving and it would start to get really annoying but I hate it when he’s not! I start poking my belly to try and get him to give me a kick or something, I’d prefer him to be moving around 24/7. He also moves sometimes where his head is practically sticking out of my skin, it’s so weird haha! I always say hi or good morning to him when he starts moving around, like he’s just woken up. He can recognise sounds and my voice now so I like to have little chats with him, almost like making sure he knows he has my attention 🙂

I haven’t really had any specific cravings recently. I still crave bad foods like crisps and chocolate but I’ve also been loving fruit covered in yogurt so I dunno. I’m just always hungry!

Looking Forward to…
Getting ready for his arrival & packing my hospital bag which I’ll need to be doing before long!

Baby’s Name
I revealed his name on Instagram when I posted a picture from my 4D scan. He’s going to be called Reuben Oliver as his main name, then he has a second middle name (Colin) after my dad, and his last name is my last name 🙂

So there’s the bump. I don’t realise how big it is until I see photos of it like this, when I look down at it, it doesn’t seem as big as it looks to other people! It still seems too small to hold a baby in though, weird. If you want to see more updates & bump selfies then follow me on Instagram here!