A Cute Delivery From Sass & Belle.

So this week I received the sweetest delivery from a lovely company called Sass & Belle, look at all these cute things!

My room has been a work in progress lately, with a baby on the way I’ve been adding more and more bits and bobs to make it nursery like. I have the biggest room in my house but it’s very girly so I want to add touches here and there for when the baby comes and it’s his room too. I was given the opportunity to pick a couple of things from the lovely Sass & Belle and I couldn’t be more pleased with these cute bits, they add such lovely touches to my room! Here’s what I got…

They have quite a lot of different sets of these suitcases, each with different prints on, but this one stood out to me the most. I just think the little animals in party hats are so cute, and the elephant holding the balloon, how adorable?! I thought these would make a lovely addition to my shelves where I can store toys and things in them, or even baby keepsakes. They’re a really good storage solution whilst making the room look super super cute. I also love that they’re a set of 3 going from large to small. They’re perfect because the biggest suitcase in the set isn’t actually that big which means they won’t take up an awful lot of room, but are still incredibly handy to store things in. Perfect gift or addition to a baby nursery or children’s bedroom!
This heart plaque comes in both pink & blue and I just think it’s so sweet. I’ve currently got mine hung on my door and I just think it adds a really cute touch to the room. I love shabby chic decor like this, it’s so simple but something that’s just really nice to have hung up. It would also look really cute hung up on the door on the outside so everyone knows to be quiet incase there’s a sleeping baby inside 🙂
How adorable is this little sleepy fox?! I’m so obsessed with it. I’m going to put this up on the wall or back of my bedroom door and hang all baby’s little coats and jackets on it, it’s going to be the cutest thing. It’s a really practical thing to buy but also will look incredibly cute on the wall, definitely a must have for a baby nursery.
They have these really pretty rose garlands in all different colours and I’m so obsessed with mine. I couldn’t decide where to put them at first, I was going to put them around my mirror or shelves but then I came up with the ingenious idea to wrap them around my fairy lights on my headboard and it looks so cute! It’s added a really girly touch to my bed which is completely white with all white bedsheets & pillows so it’s nice to have a splash of colour on it finally without it being over the top or too bright. I really really love these, they have extremely bendy wire so they’re able to be bent round anything to decorate with and the wiring is really easy to bend so you can wrap them tightly around things without them falling off. A must have product to decorate your room with!
So if you fancy grabbing yourself a few cute items from Sass & Belle, you can use my discount code ‘littlethings’ until the 31st of this month to save £10 when you spend £40 or more. They have a huge range of products from home bits to vintage and shabby chic type gifts, I really recommend having a browse as their shop is so lovely! Let me know if you pick anything up 🙂