Favourite Affordable Lashes.

Who says you need to spend a fortune to get a pair of gorgeous, natural looking falsies?

When it comes to false lashes, there are the good and the bad. The bad are associated with being cheap, fake looking and generally a bit tacky. However, there are some brands out there that sell really affordable lashes that are just as good in appearance and quality as say mink lashes. I do own some lashes that are up there on the more expensive end, and yeah they’re nice and everything but I rarely wear them. They’re so heavy and the lash band is far too thick, so I always end up going for my drugstore/more affordable ones and they never let me down! Here are my five favourite pairs at the moment:
If you watch Shaaanxo on YouTube, then you will probably be aware that she started her own beauty line called xoBeauty. She’s based in NZ so if you order from her website then you will have to get them shipped over from there, but I cannot tell you how much her lashes are worth it. I made my first order not too long ago and only got a couple of pairs but I am head over heels with both. First of all the quality is absolutely incredible, and they work out at costing £3.68 a pair, I mean seriously?! Look how gorgeous they are for that price! These ones are always sold out because they’re so popular but it’s not hard to see why. They are honestly worth so much more than they cost, they’re even handcrafted which is mental when they cost so little. These ones are quite glam and really wispy and I love them, they go with any eye makeup look and still look really natural.
This is the other pair I ordered from xoBeauty and these ones are more of an everyday pair that add volume and a little bit of length. For girls with short stubby eyelashes like me, having a pair of these in your makeup collection is perfect because they are so wearable for everyday wear (if you can be bothered.) They’re so natural looking and so pretty, I can’t recommend these lashes enough!
Red Cherry #523 | £3.49
These lashes are much more lengthy and add a lot of volume so I wouldn’t recommend unless you want to go glam. But Red Cherry are another one of my favourite brands for affordable lashes, they have so many different styles and they’re always really wispy looking and lovely. I wore these in one of my recent eye makeup looks so check that out if you want to see them in action.
I can’t tell you how long I have wanted to get my hands on these beauties! I follow Vegas Nay on Instagram and she constantly posts pictures of makeup artists wearing her lashes and I fall in love every time. They just look so stunning. If you want to go for a glam makeup look then these babes are the one to buy. They’re another pair that you’d think would cost so much more because of how good the quality is. I have been loving these so far and I can’t wait to post a look using them to show you all how gorgeous they really look!
Ardell is another brand that I absolutely love for affordable lashes, I have loads of pairs from them that have lasted me ages and have survived many nights out. These double up lashes are another beautiful pair for a glam look and perfect for a night out to add to a dramatic smokey eye. If you want wispy lashes that will give you volume and length then Ardell are the ones to get, especially if you would like them to last you a good few nights out too! (I also love the Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack, I use them loads)
So if you fancy treating yourself to some new lashes, have a peek on falseeyelashes.co.uk because there is pages and pages of gorgeous affordable lashes. They sell loads from Red Cherry & Ardell which are two brands I highly recommend, and they also do free first class delivery in the UK. I’ve ordered from here before and they arrived the next day, so if you want them last minute it’s perfect! Let me know what your favourite lashes are, I’m always looking for new ones 🙂

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