A Baby Boy Haul.

A cute little haul for a sweet baby boy!

I’ve been meaning to get around to showing some of the baby things I’ve picked up for Reuben for a while now. I’ve got him a lot more than what’s in this post but I didn’t want it to be a never ending blog post so I’m just showing a few cute bits. I’m mentioning some brands where you can find some of the nicest baby clothes that are also really affordable so if you have a baby or are a mummy to be, you should definitely check them out!

3 Piece Jersey Set | £6.99
I got the long sleeved tiger bodysuit, tiger leggings and a little hat with ears in a 3 piece set from H&M. I forgot to add the hat into the photograph but all 3 make the cutest outfit! I can’t find this on the website so I don’t know if they sell it anymore but I’ve linked it to other 3 piece sets so you can have a look. I can’t wait to put him in this, he is going to look so cuuuuuute.

Grey Striped Leggings | £3.99
I think leggings are a better option for bottoms for baby boys as they’re a lot softer and will be more comfy for the baby. So I picked up these grey striped ones in a couple of different sizes and they are super cute. I love stripes anyway but these will look good with anything!

Dark Blue Anchor Patterned Body Suit | £3.99
There’s something about anchor patterns that I really love so when I saw this I had to get it. Again this is from H&M, they sell such cute affordable baby clothes so definitely have a look!

Jersey Tee | £3.99
This is just a really simple long sleeved T-Shirt that I picked up because I wanted some long sleeved bits to keep him warm. He’s due in October so he needs warmer clothing and this is basic and will go really nicely with those grey striped leggings.

3 Pack Socks | £2.99
Of course he needs socks to keep his tiny toes warm so I grabbed these grey ones, I’m all about those neutral colours lol. These are from H&M and they sell loads of other colours too. They’re so tiny, they melt my heart!

2 Pack Baby Socks | £3.00
These ones are from JoJo Maman Bébé so they’re a bit more expensive because you only get two pairs but they are really fluffy and soft so I highly recommend. They’re going to be perfect for the winter to keep Reubs little feet nice and warm.

Avent 0-6m Soothers | £4.99
I picked up a couple of packs of dummies a while ago just incase they’re needed. I know a lot of people don’t agree with giving their babies dummies but that’s a personal choice and I don’t see anything wrong with it myself. If I have a constant crying baby, I’d rather have these on hand to give him something to soothe himself back to sleep. I like these ones because they’re really simple (some can look a bit tacky.) My favourites are the translucent ones, they actually look so adorable!

Asda’s George section is such a good place to pick up baby grows and sleepsuits, they sell really nice ones for such an affordable price. I saw these Disney ones and had to have them as they’re so adorable! White is my favourite shade to put a baby in (not the best shade when it comes to baby sick though lol) and I know he’ll look so cute in these.

3 Pack Dinosaur Sleepsuits | £10.00
I also picked up these in the George section at Asda, I really only got this set for this light blue one in the picture because how cute is it?!?! The other two are quite cute too but this is my favourite in the pack. I was just picking up some essentials really as he’ll need so many vests and sleepsuits.

Mothercare No Place Like Home Bodysuit | £5.00
I saw this in Mothercare last week and I fell in love. I love quirky little illustrations and I think this little bodysuit is so cute so it was a must have. Mothercare are quite pricey but they have some of the nicest baby clothes!

Magnet Mouse Peter Pan Collar Pale Blue Romper* | £17.95
Magnet Mouse are a brand that specialise in baby clothing with easy fasteners so it’s really easy when getting your baby dressed and changing them. They sent me this gorgeous long sleeved bodysuit with a peter pan collar and I’m so obsessed with it. Everyone says it looks really ‘posh’ but that’s why I think it’s so nice. It reminds me of the kind of baby clothing that Prince George wears and he always looks absolutely gorgeous. Reuben will look adorable in this and I can even put him in a jumper over it with the collar on show – how cute?!

Primark Navy Chino Trousers | £6.00
I picked up these in Primark just because I was there and I thought I might as well grab a few bits to add to Reuben’s wardrobe. These are 9-12m because I don’t really think he’ll be wearing proper outfits until he’s a bit older so I just got these to save. I like to be prepared so I’ve been grabbing a few things in bigger sizes, I’m sure it will soon come around!

Primark Baby Jeans | £4.50
I wanted some more bottoms for him and they barely had anything nice in the boys section for a small baby so I ended up getting these from the girls section haha! They have pink love hearts on the pockets but who cares, he’ll be wearing these when he’s only a tiny tot. Who says baby boys can’t wear hearts? I don’t want to put him in anything uncomfortable, but these are really nice because they’re stretchy and soft like jeggings.

3 Pack Dribble Bibs | £8.00
I wanted some of these triangular dribble bibs because I’ve seen other baby boys wearing them and they look so cute. I saw these ones on the JoJo Maman Bébé website and got them because they’re adorable and have a velcro opening so they will be easy to get on and off. I love the elephant print one!

Elephant Baby Hat | £4.00
I also had to grab this hat in the same elephant print because it’s just toooooooo cute. It’s so tiny, I think this will be the first hat I put him in.

And last but not least I had to include this gorgeous hand knitted white cardigan that my gran knit for Reuben. It’s so so beautiful, you can’t beat hand knitted cardigans on little babies!

So those are just a few of the things I’ve picked up for my little baba, whilst he’s really little he’ll be living in baby grows so I don’t have that many ‘outfits’ as such but I’m sure I’ll do more hauls in the future. I can’t wait until I can actually photograph him in the outfits eeeeek. Not long now 🙂

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