5 Positive Things // Changing My Blog Name.

Au Revoir Just Little Things…

1. I Renamed My Blog!
I have been wanting to change my blog name for the longest time. None of my social media matches up with my blog URL because ‘justlittlethings’ isn’t available anywhere and I like using my name for my social media accounts. So it just annoys me a little bit that I’m not ‘branded’ very well in the blogging community, I mean loads of people use different social media names to their blog and it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t effect them in any way, but it just seems to bother me a bit. Over the past few months my blog has grown quite substantially (I think anyway) on Bloglovin’ and Instagram particularly, and I just decided that if I was going to change my blog name, now is the time to do it whilst I’m still pretty new. I’ve only had ‘Just Little Things’ for a year a bit and I did love the name and everything but the other night (it was so random, like it must have been fate or something) I decided to see if the URL ‘gemmalouise.co.uk’ was available – and it was! I tried to have it months ago and it was taken so someone must have finally got rid of it. I have such a common name too and I could get it through GoDaddy for a fiver so I just had to snap it up, before anyone else could. So yeah. I really didn’t know if I could go through with it but I knew I’d be thankful if I did so here I am. The main thing that worries me really is that a lot of people associate me with JLT and I’ve had people tweeting me saying they check my blog daily, so I don’t want to lose that. But I think I’ve sorted out redirects for my blog url as well as individual posts, so hopefully I won’t lose any blog traffic or it will gradually build back up. And that’s it really. If you do like to check my blog regularly and have it bookmarked, make sure you re-add it under the new name 🙂

2. A Mummy in 10 Weeks?!
It’s crazy to me that I could have a baby in the next 10 weeks or so, I mean he’s so wriggly it’s not like I forget he’s there but he’s actually going to be outside of me and my life is going to change forever. If you follow me on social media then you will know how over excited I am, I have a countdown, I snapchat constantly about him and I post a lot of daily updates. To be honest, it can’t come soon enough, it’s just mental how fast my pregnancy has gone!

3. Finishing University & Working
I finished University in May and now I have more time on my hands to do what I love, like working as a Freelancer and spending more time on my blog. I definitely neglected my blog during my last year of Uni because I was so busy with coursework but I think I’m starting to make up for it. I also hated my course, but I have been working as a Freelance Designer for the past two years and have loved every single job I’ve worked on, so it’s great that I can now do that full time. I did originally want to work for a company but obviously that’s not going to work out with a baby about to arrive so freelancing it is! It’s going pretty well so far, I’ve only been out of Uni for a couple of months and already bagged myself quite a substantially well paid freelance design job so I’m pretty happy 🙂

4. Living at Home!
I’m now living back at home and I love it. Yes I have to put up with annoying siblings but my family have really gone out of their way to make space for me to have the biggest room in the house so I can stay at home with the baby and I appreciate it so much. I’ve just come out of Uni and I’m going to be a single mum so the last thing I can afford right now is my own house, but I would honestly rather stay at home and live with my family than live on my own with a newborn! I’m constantly surrounded by people who I can talk to and who support me through everything, so I’m happy where I am for now.

5. Improving My Photography
I’ve really been making an effort lately to try and improve my blog photography and my Instagram feed, particularly when it comes to my eye makeup photography. I know a lot of you always compliment it but I see so many flaws and things to improve upon and the close ups of my eyes still never look as good as all the big makeup artists on Instagram. So that’s something I’m still working on and hopefully I’ll have lots of new props and things ordered soon so that I can have more interesting layouts. I’ll do a haul or something if I manage to get some good bits!

So those are 5 things I have to feel positive about. Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and write a list of all the things you have to feel grateful for because it’s so easy to forget. I should take the time to do it more often. Let me know if you think I made the right choice renaming my blog!