The Eyeshadow Palette That Everyone Needs.

I have been lusting over this eyeshadow palette for the longest time and finally got my hands on it. It’s now my absolute favourite palette and you will soon see why…

If you follow me on twitter then you’ve probably seen me mention this palette quite a few times. I’ve been dyyyyyyying to get my mitts on this babe for what feels like so long. I waited forever for cultbeauty or beautybay to get it back in stock and it just never seems to be happening, so I caved and ordered it from the Morphe website itself. This beautiful goddess is called the Morphe 35O Palette, I’m pretty sure it’s quite popular and well raved about but I don’t see it blogged about very much. Maybe I’m just really late to the party? I always see beauty gurus from the US instagramming it, I just never see anyone blogging it. I’m just so in love if you can’t already tell.

So as for the shades, it’s made up of very ‘me’ tones. It’s a very neutral palette, made up of champagnes, browns, bronzes, peachy & orange tones and every shade is just so so pigmented. The bright orange tones are perfect for Summer, but also mixed with the deep browns, perfect for Autumn. The lighter orange and peach tones will have you prepared for Spring and the deep burgundy, browns and glittery shades will have you set for Winter! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect palette, I wonder if I’ll ever stop being so hyped about it? lol. So yeah like I said, every shade is incredibly pigmented and there is a huge range of mattes as well as frosts, shimmers and glitters. What’s even better about this palette is that in the US it retails for only $22.99 which is around £17, for 35 shades! I think over here (when it’s actually in stock) it’s about £18-£20 so it’s still really freaking affordable for such a versatile and beautiful palette.

I ended up having to pay almost double what it actually cost in postage to get it over here to the UK but imo it was totally worth it. It still ended up only being just over £30 which personally I was quite happy to pay just to own it. I did also get stung with a customs fee but I’m working on sorting that out so hopefully I’ll get my money back, but even if I don’t I can live with it!

So those are all the gorg swatches. I can’t wait to start playing around with this, look out for lots of makeup looks, I’m sure there will be plenty! Have any of you guys got this palette & love it as much as me?

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