Akar Skin Lip Butter Review.

How dreamy is this packaging?!

So a while ago I received the Mini Care Lip Butter* from Akar Skin, which also included a sample of their Ruby Tint Lip Butter too. Yesterday I finished off the pot of lip butter, which I’ve been using on a daily basis so I thought it was a good time to post a little review on the stuff.

First of all, I know the packaging is very minimal but it’s just so gorgeous, I love it. It arrived in this white sturdy box wrapped in tissue paper with little gold touches to the brand name. It’s so simplistic but beautiful, it really adds something to a brand when they send out their products in lovely packaging.

The Mini Care Lip Butter isn’t scented like a lot of other lip butters, but it’s an absolute dream to use. Basically Akar say that traditional lip balms contain petroleum in their formula which creates a false sense of hydration by sealing your lips like a plastic coating and clogging the pores. This means over time your lips are actually left drier, and it makes sense because I go through so much lip balm it’s unreal. The Akar Lip Butter is a formula that’s petroleum free with a whip of soothing oils and nutrient-rich extracts which keep your lips soft, supple and glossy for hours on end.

The Ruby Tint Lip Butter is the same formula I believe, just with a red tint to it which adds some colour to your lips. This one has a bit of an off smell to it so I’m not a huge fan, but I like that it adds a little bit of colour, especially if I’m wearing no makeup and don’t want to look ghostly.

As for the original Lip Butter, I’m not even going to lie, it really does what it says. My lips are probably the softest they’ve been in forever and I’ve been using this stuff for a good few weeks now every single day. It’s so soft and lovely to apply, the pot is the perfect handbag size, and it adds a lovely shine to the lips. If I’m wearing no makeup I’ll just pop this on alone, but if I am, I pop it on over my lipstick and it keeps my lips hydrated all day as well as giving them a little bit of a gloss. I haven’t felt the need to constantly reapply it either, which is why it’s lasted me so long, so it’s fab! I’ll definitely be continuing to use this & highly recommend it for those that suffer with incredibly dry lips like I do.

What’s your favourite lip balm?